Another 1 v 1 | Call of duty Bo3


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Oct 26, 2016
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and another 1 v 1 against the sausage who deserves a butt whoopin! and i bloody well did! anyways this video is on call of duty black ops 3 and i actually win but i had the advantage with the radar been on.

make sure to go check hectic blizzards channel as he has awesome sniping and trickshot content on there! his channel is more serious than mine as my channel is mainly to make you laugh! but his link will be further down!

So im CMTXRATED. The Sarcastic Trying to funny gamer who you will most likely never watch! but anyways! my main games i play at the moment is Call of duty: infinite warfare, Star Wars Battlefront and Overwatch! i dont swear so i come up with the craziest insults. if you want to collab with me my PSN is connortosney anyways enjoy the content!

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