1. The Bloody Nine

    For Honor - Season 8 Duels with Highlander! "IS THERE NO ONE ELSE!?"

    Hey there! I appreciate you checking out some For Honor gameplay, and I think you will find the video entertaining even if you don't own the game - so stick around! Tonight we have some bloody, intense Highlander duels for ya - against very worthy opponents no less! I haven't had as much time...
  2. ImChazza

    Intense 1v1!! - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    In Today's video, we get into an intense 1v1 for the opening clip. And the game to follow it comes down to another 1v1 for the win!
  3. Saad Ahmed

    Gaming COD Collab (PS4)

    Hey guys! I would like to collab with multiple of you. So I would like to a 1v1 on either BO3 or IW. In the end we shout out each others channles. I really don't have any requirements other then be respectfull. Thank you.

    Another 1 v 1 | Call of duty Bo3

    and another 1 v 1 against the sausage who deserves a butt whoopin! and i bloody well did! anyways this video is on call of duty black ops 3 and i actually win but i had the advantage with the radar been on. make sure to go check hectic blizzards channel as he has awesome sniping and trickshot...

    Infinite warfare | Welcome to Jurassic Park

    New video out! Jurassic park has been unleashed!!! Appreciation to anyone who watches love you all

    Infinite Warfare | 1 V1 Me Skrub!

    So I'm not gonna lie! I've really enjoyed the new editing style I have gained! And we'll I've been told by the guy I collabed with that the video was funny! So hopefully you all enjoy! Btw I lose
  7. Nutella

    Gaming XBOX ONE BO3 COLLAB (50+ SUBS)

    Hey guys i'm looking to do a COD BO3 collab, possibly a 1v1 with someone that has at least 50 subs let me know :)
  8. Nutella

    Gaming Looking to Collab on XBOX ONE Black Ops 3.

    looking for someone to collab with at least 50 subs,my gamertag is ZL Nutella LZ. Hmu if you're interested. :)
  9. Infrared Gaming

    Gaming 1v1 Black Ops 3 Xbox One

    Hi guys, i'm starting a new series on my channel in which I 1v1 various other YouTubers. If you record a video yourself with me (can be the same 1v1 that I record) I will give your channel a shout-out in my video. Need as many players as possible, let me know if you are interested!
  10. SonicR360

    BLACK OPS 3 1v1 Sniping on COMBINE

    Hi All Hope you are well. Today Luke (My Son) insisted on doing a Black Ops 3 video, where he is against another player. Black Ops 3 1v1 Sniping on COMBINE Enjoy the video, feedback is always appreciated. Thanks, Simon