Other Any 15-25yr olds want to collab? :)


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I have a channel with 550ish subs, and I would love to reach out and collaborate with more people. :happy2: I post all sorts of videos and I am very creative. I can collab with locals and non-locals. I'm really chill, and easy to work with. :spin:My channel is called SquidSoup, if you want to check it out. Recently I've been posting videos of my original ukulele songs, since I bought my uke around a week and a half ago. This is my first post on yttalk.com, and I've hear many good things about the site. :bounce: Comment if interested, yea? :up2:
Nice to meet you I do gaming videos so unless you do that I don't think we can collab but you are entertaining and just got a sub :)
Hi! My names Max and Im 16 going onto 17. My channel right now isnt really that great but I plan on making better videos that dont revolve around one thing. I live in Massachusetts and have been looking for people to collab with too, My skype is maxieboi15 if you want to message me.
Hello! I checked out some of your videos and I have and idea for collaborating with you if you like. You know those cool songs you make on your ukulele? I would like to send you a inspiration jar full of slips of paper with random things written on them. You can take a few of them out at a time and make a song or two out of what you find. That could make for more then one video if you like, all I ask is that you give me a little shout out when ever you make a video with the inspiration jar.

Do you like that idea?
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I don't know how to reply to someone directly, I'm very new to this site. :confused: I'm just going to pm all of you, because that seems easier.