1. Zaland Adams

    Just hit 200 subs!

    So grateful although its a small number compared to many out there!
  2. ugnius

    My opinions on YOUNG SINGERS

  3. SquidSoup

    Other Any 15-25yr olds want to collab? :)

    I have a channel with 550ish subs, and I would love to reach out and collaborate with more people. :happy2: I post all sorts of videos and I am very creative. I can collab with locals and non-locals. I'm really chill, and easy to work with. :spin:My channel is called SquidSoup, if you want to...
  4. SudoNYM

    Happy to help :)

    Hey guys. My name's Josh. I'm a new to youtube, however I'm pretty seasoned in terms of making graphics - especially channel art... I even draw pictures and create digital illustrations. I'm also pretty experienced when it comes to traditional medium too - check out some of my doodles @joshzor...