1. A

    Gaming im a new youtuber looking for a calab with a decent youtuber

    i play apex contact me on insta Adamedany54
  2. Allyarix

    Gaming New guy, New channel

    Hello, im just here to try to grow my channel and make videos! I spent a lot of time in gaming and so i decided to make a channel! I jsut started so i basicly have no subs :/ -Some games I play -Minecraft -Krunker -geometry Dash -More Discord- Yari_atiihY#1775 Youtube-...
  3. Allyari

    Gaming New guy starting up channel

    old account
  4. SwiftUnity


  5. ZeDoublebubble

    Gaming Creating an old Creatures-like group

    Hey everyone! I'm here to see if I cant gather a group of silly people who are also inspired by the old Creatures YouTube channel format. I couldn't care less for sub count, as we can all grow together. I'm thinking for now maybe 5 or so members other than me, depending on how everyone can...
  6. Heizenblog

    Family Friendly Channel

    Hi, my channel is a gaming channel but one that is family friendly, by this I mean that there is no swearing, minimal violence (i.e cartoon, non graphic) and no sexual content. The reason I have taken this approach is that as a parent I find it difficult to find channels for my kids that they...
  7. Jammy951

    Gaming Want to join a growing youtube gamers group 30+members - no sub limit

    I am an admin on a youtube discord group. We are there to collaborate and help one another in anything youtube gaming/vlogging etc related and also try give you resources that may help you in your content. We only ask that you have a mic/ you are active/ and over 15 to join. None of this...
  8. SwiftUnity


  9. SwiftUnity

    Gaming Need ACTIVE Members PC Gaming Collab

  10. Basic Gamer

    Gaming I would like to meet a few fellow YT hosts that enjoy same games as me.

    Hey guys as you probably can already tell I am looking for a couple of YouTube Partners to Collaborate with. If you are interested in a Fun/Serious gaming channel then you have come to the right place. I only started YT here recently as a hobby through college. I currently Have 9 subs. And if...
  11. SwiftUnity

    Gaming PC Professional Gaming Collaboration

    Hello! My name is SwiftUnity and welcome to my collaboration thread! I currently own a professional YouTube collab group called Project APEX but we've recently been running low on members. I am looking for collaboration members of any subscriber count that can get on and have a blast gaming! I...
  12. SwiftUnity

    Gaming PC Professional Gaming Collab! (800+ SUBS) Project Apex Group

  13. Jo Barry

    Other Looking for collabs!

    I am looking for people, who are up for most genres of videos! If you are easy going, energetic, and friendly, you fit the personality!
  14. IGotTheMeats

    Finally the First 100!

    I finally hit 100 subs! It seems like a long time, but I know it was very fast compared to most channels. Hopefully it will start to snowball from here and things will pick up faster and faster! My goal is to hit 1000 before the end of 2017!
  15. TheFeStitch

    Gaming Looking for People to play/record Minecraft or Paladinds!

    Hey, I'm TheFeStitch and I would like to find some people to play and maybe even record with Minecraft or Paladins. There are some minor requirements if you actually want to do this .. +At least 14 years old; Or at lease me mature enough for my standards +Doesn't swear (If you do a little, you...
  16. Z

    Gaming Overwatch video group (Xbox One)

    Hey everyone! Overwatch is my favourite multiplayer game, and just happens to be great fun to record with a lot of potential for entertaining videos!! I'm interested in Overwatch centric gamers (not exclusively, just people that love to play the game!) to record with, anything from Competitive...
  17. SquidSoup

    Other Any 15-25yr olds want to collab? :)

    I have a channel with 550ish subs, and I would love to reach out and collaborate with more people. :happy2: I post all sorts of videos and I am very creative. I can collab with locals and non-locals. I'm really chill, and easy to work with. :spin:My channel is called SquidSoup, if you want to...
  18. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming Looking for XB1 regular collabing partner/group

    Hi guys! First of all hope you're all doing awesome but today I wanted to say that I'm looking for a friend(s) who I can regularly collaborate with on Xb1 and not just a one off thing. I'm 18 so I prefer if you're around my age, and you need to be able to access skype and have a decent mic. I...
  19. Joey Mulcahey

    Gaming Looking for new friends and collaborators. Destiny and/or Overwatch for PS4

    I have started my channel just about 2 weeks ago, and I would like to start collaborating with any friendly, genuine person who plays Destiny and/or Overwatch for Playstation 4. My content focuses around helping people, whether that means keeping people informed, helping improve their gameplay...
  20. LyrexYT

    Gaming Wanna join a collaboration?

    My name is Lyrex, (pronounced Lyrics ) and I'm looking for people to join a collaboration with my youtube channel. I've been wanting to join in and do different games, then this one game I normally always record. I'm looking for other youtubers who would like to participate in doing...
  21. SudoNYM

    Happy to help :)

    Hey guys. My name's Josh. I'm a new to youtube, however I'm pretty seasoned in terms of making graphics - especially channel art... I even draw pictures and create digital illustrations. I'm also pretty experienced when it comes to traditional medium too - check out some of my doodles @joshzor...