Gaming Creating an old Creatures-like group


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Hey everyone! I'm here to see if I cant gather a group of silly people who are also inspired by the old Creatures YouTube channel format.

I couldn't care less for sub count, as we can all grow together. I'm thinking for now maybe 5 or so members other than me, depending on how everyone can work together. There is no name for the group as of yet, as I'd like to gather whoever decides to join so we can agree on a name everybody will be happy with, however, I would very much like to stay away from titles that include things like "_____ studios" or " ____ games", etc, and have a more natural than a business feel for the group. I also live within Eastern Time

Id like to recruit anyone who is at minimum 17 (sorry, pitch of voice matters). I am 19 myself and anyone older is definitely okay as well. Please remember, I'm aiming to make this group creature inspired. On the side, I'm okay with digital art for things like channel banners, but not amazing, so anyone with strong experience will be a big bonus. The same goes with video editing, anyone who enjoys editing is welcome.

DM me through Discord or just leave a comment down below if you're interested, and I will try to find a good time for everyone to meet each other and talk about our direction. Discord is preferred as I will most likely see the message once I hop on my computer and host all future calls there. Don't worry if I don't respond right away, I get home around 4.

Discord: ZeDoublebubble #2739

At the moment in the way of games, I've only got PC, all my consoles are busted, however, purchasing games will not be a problem.

Last thing!
I don't care if you swear, as long as it's not too bad (like hate stuff). You can also be a Kootra if you feel, it's up to you.

So it turns out using YTtalk isnt a great way for me to communicate with anyone, as it doesnt let me direct message. So please, add my discord or leave yours down here and I can add you. Thanks!