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Hello! My name is SwiftUnity and welcome to my collaboration thread! I currently own a professional YouTube collab group called Project APEX but we've recently been running low on members. I am looking for collaboration members of any subscriber count that can get on and have a blast gaming! I currently have 1500 subscribers and 22000 views. Our collaboration group has a combined total of 1800 subscribers and 40000 views with 120 followers on Twitch.

To Qualify For The Collaboration You Must Exceed The Following:

Must Be 13+ Years Of Age
Must Be Semi-Active Throughout The Week
Must Be Willing For Long-Term Collaboration
Must Have A Skype and/or Discord
Must Have A Steam
Must Be Friendly
Must Enjoy Making Videos

Thanks For Watching Reading!
I am definitely interested. But, I not sure about time zone as it is always the core problem of everything, I live in Singapore GMT+8. But if the time difference is too far, then it is alright :)

currently entering age 20
My schedule of record now is either on wed/thur or both, and saturday to record for sat/sun video.
Definitely looking for long term. Some of the people I found have not even started recording together.
Have skype, Zax Ong. Discord Zax#6487
Steam name 'Madman Zanity YT' or search 'ZaxTheNoob
I am friendly, at least in my own opinion, but could be a bit harsh in a more comedic joking way (hopefully)
and yep I enjoy making videos and have been doing this for like... 3 years? maybe.
Hey there SwiftUnity! I would be interested and would love to see if we would be a good fit. Feel free to get me on discord at FWS_Moos214#4200!

Yours truly,
Moos214 aka the only child who couldn't spell moose.
Hi SwiftUnity, I would love to see if I could be a potential fit for your group. As for your requirements:
I am 18 years old.
I work to upload to my channel daily and thus am more often than not at my computer already, haha.
I'm not currently working, so I do have the free time for longer collaboration series.
My discord is Keeper#9354, though I do have a Skype as well should that be preferred.
My Steam account is keeper_of_night.
I certainly try to be friendly, ha! Takes a lot to get under my skin, and I'm very open to others.
Making videos has been the best thing I think I've ever done. Can't get enough of it.

Looking forward to talking with you again!
Hey there!

Currently 19 years old :D
I upload Monday through Friday consistently since I've been back (taking it more serious)
Definitely looking forward to a long lasting collaboration.
I do use both skype and discord, but discord a bit more cause it's better in my opinion
I definitely have a steam indeed haha.
I am nice and friendly, but some of the jokes I make could offend you since it's friendly banter. Just tell me if ya don't like it and we can work for something new :D
Absolutely love making videos since I've been back because I learned a bit more about editing and thumbnail creations.

Just want everyone to have a good laugh and get some joy from my videos.
Im 14 and super active. Upload or stream almost every day. Shoot me a message on Skype at CrypticEdge (the icon is flaming soccer ball) or on discord at CrypticEdge (with me CE Logo). And i know you want professional so I'll share a few specs.
i5 6600k (oc to 4.4ghz by me)
gtx 1050 ti (oc by me)
16gb 3000ghz ram

Blue Snowball with pop filter
Bandicam (OBS for streaming)
Photoshop for thumbnails, channel art, etc
Premier Pro for video editing

All my videos are 1080p60.

If you think im what your looking for hit me up.
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