1. SwiftUnity

    Gaming Need ACTIVE Members PC Gaming Collab

  2. TheToastGamer

    Why is it hard to keep active subs?

    This baffles me, what is the point in telling others that you're going to support them... and then in a few weeks just totally act as of they don't mean anything?
  3. SwiftUnity

    Gaming PC Professional Gaming Collaboration

    Hello! My name is SwiftUnity and welcome to my collaboration thread! I currently own a professional YouTube collab group called Project APEX but we've recently been running low on members. I am looking for collaboration members of any subscriber count that can get on and have a blast gaming! I...
  4. Joshwarrior


    Joshwarrior is looking for more members in his friend group. It sounds like he has no friends but he does. We already have quite a few members. However we are looking for more to participate in PC and possible PS4 gaming. The main form of communication is Discord or Skype for PC and Party Chat...
  5. J


    Hey im Jmichael1 and i want to collab with another youtube that gaves advice to other youtubers.I have 100+ subs im looking for other youtubers with 90+ subs or more than 80+ active views .We will make videos like "how to get 100subs" or "top 3 editing software".Contact me on twitter...
  6. booitscaitlin

    Engaging your audience/interactive viewers?

    A little context: So I've recently hit 1,000 subscribers but I have basically no interaction with my viewers. I haven't uploaded in quite a while because I have no motivation at the moment as I just want to connect with my audience (plus just in a bit of an ideas rut) and because that doesn't...
  7. hpvideo

    New Kids Channel - Review Our First Video Please :)

    Hi guys, I hope you're good! We've recently been out and about at various events over the UK filming for a new kids channel emphasising on being active. For our first episode we visited Tough Mudders Mini Mudder and spoke to a few kids who ran the course. Here is the video: Our plan is to keep...