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Hi there new youtuber looking for fun and amazing people to colab with, if your a league of legends player that's cool EU or NA, minecraft, also cool ;) BO3 PS4 only, now i love making montage for league of legends feel free to check some out on my channel. Send me a reply and let me know on what you would like us to colab on ;) untill then see you soon ^.^

PS: i'm currently at 300sub and counting so if ur at 50... let's make this pop xD
well now i'm more on my pc with lol and minecraft and since i have exams but i play around 12am util 2am for now
maybe on friday around 4:00 we play LoL. I love playing the game but i am a big total noob but i can make the game "interesting" and definitely not boring
Well mate if ur on EUW add me at chocostream
And it's fine with me mate the moment u know what's top mid bot and jung it's fiine xD