1. swizz

    Comedy looking for a vlogger

    Subslooking for someone who is funny or who has a nice personality to collab with 100+subs
  2. Who Is Kristen

    Help and criticism for my Channel please!

    I know my videos aren't the best but it would really help if you looked over my channel and gave some helpful tips, advice and criticism to help grow my channel! Thanks so much!
  3. The top 5

    Should I Start a New Youtube Channel ?!

    I have been doing youtube for almost two years now, and I have deleted a lot of videos. I haven't been consistent and I plan on being more consistent in the future and recent changes my channel niche. I have around 3300 subs. But I don't think I will get a lot of view with my new uploads. You...
  4. ChocoStream

    Gaming colab for Lol, Minecraft, BO3...

    Hi there new youtuber looking for fun and amazing people to colab with, if your a league of legends player that's cool EU or NA, minecraft, also cool ;) BO3 PS4 only, now i love making montage for league of legends feel free to check some out on my channel. Send me a reply and let me know on...
  5. C

    Gaming Pc gaming collab anyone?

    I recently started youtube and I would like to have some friends I frequently play with. Message me if you're interested. :)
  6. TheSpiderGamer101

    Gaming Anybody wants to do a Minecraft Survival Series with me?

    Hey there! I'm a 13 year old who is looking for somebody to do a Minecraft Survival series with! If anybody can join, please go ahead and write out a reply or send me a Skype request! ;D What I'm looking for: Age: Preferably someone who is 12 to 14 years old but I really wouldn't mind a 15...