Help and criticism for my Channel please!

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I know my videos aren't the best but it would really help if you looked over my channel and gave some helpful tips, advice and criticism to help grow my channel! Thanks so much!
Hey kristen,

I just checked out your channel for you.

I looked at two of your videos 10 things and the trip to toronto one. I think the 10 things video is great. The trip to Toronto video the little I watched I think the audio of yall talking could have been a little louder but that's just my opinion.

To bring more views to your channel you need to work on your tags and description for your video. The first sentence of every video should be your title, and the rest should be information on what that video is. I'm not the greatest at descriptions either but that first sentence is important! It will help it to rank better in search. I think it'll be easier to work with the trip to toronto video for tags. Right now none of your tags are ranking on any of those videos. A good tag will usually be 3 to 4 words or longer. So you always want to do the video title as a tag, and then other supporting tags. So you could do trip to toronto and half moon run concert. For another tag you could do half moon run concert, and could try trip to toronto etc.

I hope this helps your channel to grow, and feel free to check mine out!

i have to agree with fully what he said. And also another thing i want to say is the thumbnail's. For me when i see clickbait thumbnail's (Example : What did i just run over?!) it means i won't click it. And i think load's of people won't. Because everyone know's it's a 10 minute video without actually happening that you run something over, or something anticlimatic like a piece of paper. For the rest the vid's were good

I wish you load's of luck with making content on video's for your channel =)