anyone have any YT gaming tips for audio

A great mic to start with (Budget-wise) would be a Blue Snowball (original, not ICE)
Sounds pretty great, and can be found for ~60$ on places like Amazon.
Fits on a standard mic mount, too.
I use it in my videos, and after a tiny bit of background noise cancellation in Audacity (my PC isn't the quietest), it sounds great. I would definitely recommend it.
Currently checking in with Audio Technica AT20-20. Really not the sort of mic that you should be buying. But it's one of the best mics available for podcasting. Take a look at my videos for the audio quality. Cheap USB mics? Blue snowball, ezpz.
Blue Snowball/Yeti isn't bad for the price. LAst time I checked, they were around $40-$80. Still a very affordable and efficient option.