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Hey there,

My name is Craigx, I'm 20 from the UK and like everyone here I am looking for new people to play and record with. I mostly do comedy/funny moments and single player games where I mess about or do a full playthrough.

Anyways, I'm looking for people aged 17+ because I've had to deal with squeakers in the past and boy does my head hurt after 10 minutes, so I'm looking for people who are slightly more mature.

I also have a few people who are also want to play games so we have a few people to play with.

Games that I would like to do videos in:
Golf it
Garys mod
Space engineers
The forest
Rocket League
WaW: Custom Zombie maps

So if you can run the game and have decent mic quality then hit me up on discord Craigx #7481

Youtube channel- Craigx Evans
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