Meet Up/Gathering Arizona, Phoenix area - YouTuber Collaboration

Chadwin Smith

New Member
Hey everyone! I'm looking for other YouTubers in Arizona to collaborate with.

My channel is mostly about videography, cameras, technology, short films, etc. But, I'd love to colab with anyone that makes videos in the valley or Phoenix area.

We can make a video for your channel that is something you love to do & make the behind the scenes video on my channel that shows how we lit and filmed it. Super easy stuff!
Hi Chadwin, I'm in the Phoenix area and started a channel about 4 months ago (tech / camera equipment review oriented - with some short cinematic type videos). I've really been looking to collaborate with someone. My channel is: genX - tech media life. If you're interested in getting together to discuss some form of collaboration, I'm up for it.
Hello, I am in the Metro area and I'm looking for collaborations. I posted in the new member board and detailed the areas of interest I have. Maybe we could chat and see if we could make something work.[DOUBLEPOST=1529886789,1529827718][/DOUBLEPOST]Hello there. Also in the Phownix area (Chandler) and looking for collaboration opportunities. I made a detailed post in the introduction page regarding topics and genres I'm interested in collaborating in. If any of them seem interesting to you let me know!