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Poisonous Penguin

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Im looking for someone to collab with that plays Roblox and that I can call using Discord. Im looking for people with subscribers between 100-800! See if im worthy of your attention with my YouTube link!
Dude i like ur content. So im up for colabing with u on Roblox. Also saddley i dont have 100 subs. but hopefully u dont realy mind
Ok I will check out your content![DOUBLEPOST=1541550933,1541550887][/DOUBLEPOST]But there is one thing your YouTube link wont work so can I ask you to tell me the name of your channel?
ok thx[DOUBLEPOST=1541610676,1541610554][/DOUBLEPOST]But can you fix your link because I cant find it, you need to go into settings and find it.[DOUBLEPOST=1541681125][/DOUBLEPOST]Ok, wait I found two are you the one with 60 subscribers?