1. N

    Gaming Looking For Family Friendly Content Creators To Collaborate With

    Hey guys, I currently run a channel with (as of writing this) 184 subscribers with nearly 70,000 views. I've been making videos on this channel for about five months now and I have uploaded 76 videos. About my channel: I run a Roblox channel, reason being it's very versatile because of the...
  2. S

    Gaming Looking for a teen who wanna play roblox with me, i am great at editing. Check my channel below. Can use discord

    channel - discord- GamingWithShaurya#5332 i play roblox and can use voice chat, i am really good at editing and can make boring clips better also, it will be fun playing for sure, wanna collab then i am available on discord and twitter
  3. S

    Should i give up on my youtube channel?

    Should i give up on my YouTube channel? I have been working so hard on it, staying up late to edit, redo doing thumbnails, planning out videos ect. But it never pays off. This is something i really enjoy doing but its discouraging to see everything going down. My audience retention is as 40% but...
  4. STAYFLY349

    Gaming Roblox Collaboration

    I need someone who wants to collab and makes funny Roblox videos with me. I play on Xbox One and my Gamertag is STAYFLY349. Is anyone interested?
  5. T

    Gaming Need Roblox YouTubers Above 500 Subs

    Hi guys.. I am thinking to collab with Roblox YouTubers above 500 subs... Good channels reply me
  6. Ciren

    Gaming Roblox/Minecraft Collab

    Hi! I'm looking for some fun people to collaborate on either one of these games. I'd prefer you to be above the age of 14 and have a decent mic. I'm going to be doing some roleplays on Roblox and some mini games on Minecraft. If you're interested in any of these don't be afraid to DM me on...
  7. Poisonous Penguin

    Gaming Roblox Collaboration

    Im looking for someone to collab with that plays Roblox and that I can call using Discord. Im looking for people with subscribers between 100-800! See if im worthy of your attention with my YouTube link!
  8. Ciren

    Gaming Minecraft/Roblox Collaboration

    I'm a small YouTuber looking for a few people to collaborate with. You don't have to have a certain personality or anything, just as long as you're friendly. I don't have many subscribers, so I don't mind if you don't have many either. I usually make videos on Minecraft, Roblox and The Sims. You...
  9. xxvl0ggt1234

    Gaming ROBLOX, Minecraft Collaborator.

    Looking for a YouTuber who can collaborate me in ROBLOX and in Minecraft.
  10. itsAith

    Gaming Looking for Someone to collab with

    I have a small YouTube channel, I am looking for someone ages 14-18 to record videos with often. I mainly play Roblox and Minecraft. If you would like to know more my discord is: lilAith#6465 :p Preferably someone LGBT+ friendly.
  11. Angel Craft

    Gaming PC Roblox Collab. 19+ Looking for a Collab team!

    I have 200 sub I'm play any games on Roblox. Most of the time I play Dragon Ball Rage. But I also play any other game as well I have a Discord and a Skype My email is I am trying to do more videos with voices in it I reply to everyone! My channel is AngelCraft I also...
  12. MG001

    Gaming Looking for gaming youtubers to collab with (250+ Subscribers) (Any Age) (I record mostly Minecraft)

    So basically I record gaming videos and sometimes vlogs but mainly gaming and my preferred games are Minecraft and Roblox. Also, you need to have at least 250 subscribers to collab with me! Any age can collab with me!
  13. T

    Gaming I would like to join/ create a group. Free games as im not so experienced.

    Hey Guys! So the age group i am kinda looking for is from 13 to 17 or something like that. Now im not so experienced as my channel is not big (10 subscribers) and i know no one would like to be in a group with me cause of this, but if you do feel free to message me.
  14. V

    Gaming Looking for Roblox gaming partner

    Hey welcome if your looking for someome to collab with in Roblox well you can collab with me I have 930 subs but my channel is currently picking back up cause I was inactive for 9 months Channel is: Voriese NEEDED: Record in atleast 720p 30frps Decent mic Skype of discord My skype name is...
  15. E

    Gaming Minecraft/Roblox

    Im just looking for someone with skype and plays the games I listed, put your skype name below and I will contact you. We can just play or make YouTube vids your choice
  16. P

    Request Profile picture needed (Free)

    Hello, I am in need of a free profile picture art for my YouTube gaming channel. I would like it to be a headshot of my Roblox avatar. If you are interested please contact me I'll be sure to credit you in my descriptions. Thank you!
  17. TheZombieHunter23

    Phantom Forces EPIC KILL MONENTS!

    Dude I killed so many people. Some of them even rage quit!
  18. TheZombieHunter23

    Gaming Looking for a person to play roblox or shadowrun chronicles with?

    Anyone up for a run? Just need your username if your going to play roblox.
  19. yokuwa

    Gaming Anyone playing roblox here?

    hello, i'm just starting my channel sometimes ago. Anyone here playing Roblox, would you mind to play some of Roblox minigame with me? :spin:
  20. TheZombieHunter23


    I have bad luck guys!
  21. CrazyZack

    Gaming Wanting to collab -PC gamers

    Hey I'm a starting youtuber and I want a colab. It would be helpfull to have: 1-Good mic 2-A non lagging computer 3-age 13 - 17 4-play roblox phantom forces 5-play minecraft 6-old enough to handle mild language 7-funny 8-discord If you are interested please reply. You can reach me through...
  22. P

    OBS Video Help

    Hello, I have been trying to record Roblox YouTube videos with OBS. But when I record then re-watch it, the video is frozen and is only 3 seconds long. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Or is there anyway to fix it at all? If not, can someone recommend me a really good screen recorder...
  23. N

    Gaming Looking for a crew on pc and xbox one

    Hi i am 15 years old and just made a youtube channel i am looking for people to collabe with long term that are fun to play with and can be entertaining we can work together and help each other to grow and shout each other out in videos please be 14+ have a decent mic and get online regularly...
  24. Rokymori

    Gaming Gaming Collaborations

    Description: I'm looking for others to collaborate with on certain games. I do plan on editing and posting the collaborations if they go well. If you meet the requirements below, just reply to the thread and ill try to respond as fast as I can. Also, I only play on PC. Requirements: Ages: 14 -...
  25. E

    Gaming Roblox/Minecraft People 1-100 subs with mic

    Hey dude! Im a tiny youtube channel thats looking to grow. I upload montages, sped up awesomeness, surf runs (CSGO), and more! So, to the roblox/minecraft stuff. No cursing, must have a microphone, and 1 to 100 subs. Put your skype below and I will add you. Thanks, have a nice day. -EndoMendo
  26. Thelavanation

    Gaming Pc Gamers, Roblox, Minecraft, TABS and more

    I would be looking for some one with 200 - 2000 subs is my range and i could collab with 1k Im looking for people 13-14 (No Swearing allowed) I live stream also on my yt channel If you want to collab message me at discord code- FVNyknF youtube- Thelavanation (My channel does exist)
  27. TheNodeGaming


    Hello! I made my channel back in June and have since grown to almost 3,000 subscribers making tutorials (mostly Robux tutorials) and I want to switch to actually playing roblox. So if you are interested in making videos with me and you have 1,000 subscribers or more please tell me :D
  28. GarciasWorld

    New FAMILY GAMING Channel - New to Youtube - Advice Welcome!

    Sup! My name is Kate and I have started a gaming channel with my three kids. My husband is also a gamer & new youtuber. Except he plays more first person shooting games. My kids and I play Roblox, minecraft, and more. I am just looking for ideas to branch out, what new games are out there...
  29. MrDooney

    So We Played Roblox...

    So me and a few of my friends played Roblox. Its was the game mode that was like battlefield and cs:go, phantom forces There was a lot of funny moments, and I spent a lot of time editing it, so maybe you could check it out. Please comment what you thought about the video, so you can help me...