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MT Major

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Feb 7, 2018
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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some dudes willing to colab with me. I'm a gaming channel focussed on Elite: Dangerous and other games, Skyrim, Pubg, War thunder etc. I'm open to try new games and I just want to expand the horizons for my channel in regards to gaming content.

I have 2200 subs and growing, uploading 4x a week and looking for someone in that range. (1000+)
Preffered to be 18+ aswell.

Thanks for the read. Here's a link to my channel.

My youtube name is : MT Major. I'm unable to post links. Just search ''3 steps to the anaconda'' and you'll probably find me.

Just message me in the bottem down below. I'll respond and we can contact in Discord.

Edit: Oh look my link is right there. LOL.
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