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  1. J

    Gaming Making a Youtube Group

    I am looking for 1-4 youtuber's to help me start my channel, I do not care how much subscribers/views you have any will do. (Rules below) Age- 10+, I play a whole variety of games but for my channel I'm aiming for a kids community. Games: Any game, Mainly Minecraft but I can record other games...
  2. Zapadap

    Gaming Looking for PC/PS4 peeps to record with.

    In the process of getting back into YouTube as of right now. I’m not gonna lie, I did take a 2 year hiatus from YT for some reasons, but I’m back and ready to get into the full swing of things with other serious content creators, ready to put smiles on peeps faces. I’m 23 looking for people...
  3. NickandAutumn

    Youtube Gaming Section not showing any of my videos!? HELP!

    Alright so basically what the title says. Our gaming channel is doing really well and we have been getting a good constant amount of views on every video we post. We also have been getting content out before bigger well known channels even have a chance to post a video on it. With all that being...

    Gaming Funny Gaming Collaboration [PC]

    Howdy! I'm looking for some PC Gaming Youtube channels to collaborate with. My Youtube channel is SCOOTY BOOTY PATOOTY and I currently have 57 subscribers. I don't have much of a preference for what games I play on my channel, so long as the content is funny. If you're interested in...
  5. A

    How can i get 1000 subs on youtube?

    I've been doing youtube for a little while now and have not seen much of a growth in subs/views. My goal is to someday reach 1000 subs, what are some great tips for reaching that goal? My youtube channel is Averagemike, the profile pic is a Yoshi egg, if you see my profile, you can see that I...
  6. Wrath of Kahan

    Hello Neighbor: It's Me, Margaret

    Finally starting to release my videos for some of the less known games that I loved playing (I wanted to release some more big name titles first). PLEASE, any feedback, inputs, or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! (Also how to fix the vibration in my audio pls -_-) NEW VIDEOS...
  7. Wrath of Kahan

    Rocket League: Need for Boost Underground 64

    A comedy video I put together last year and finally published. Took a year off of the channel to gather content/footage and create a stockpile of videos so I can release them on a consistent schedule (Realistically took a year off to finish college and get a full time job). I would love any...
  8. O

    Gaming Hey there! Looking for a YouTube gaming group! (PC/Xbox ONE)

    Hey, my names Marcus. I have a YouTube channel currently called Omisga, and I have about 950 subscribers and looking for people to partner up with. My only real requirement is that you're around 15 - 25 years old. I don't really care about your subscriber count. As long as you have somewhat...
  9. W

    Gaming Looking For ACTIVE Gaming Youtubers! (PC,Xbox) (Discord)

    hey Guys! here is a link to the video that sums everything up! (I cant Post URL's on this, so go to: Youtube>WingsOfRush (White Logo with leaves in the wings)> And my newest DISCORD video :)) I make funny moments videos and my friends and i are looking for new people to play games with! My...
  10. Chicken Tendies

    A problem I have been having

    So I have been doing Youtube for over a year now and I only have 54 subs. I have advertised myself all over the place; YTtalk, Facebook, Reddit, instagram and Discord servers and nobody is subscribing. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have been reviewed on this cite multiple times and the...
  11. MrPryce

    Persona 5 July Walkthrough Part 1

  12. MrPryce

    Persona 5 June Walkthrough Part 4

  13. MrPryce

    Persona 5 May Walkthrough Part 5

  14. MrPryce

    Persona 5 May Walkthrough Part 4

  15. RenOperative

    Gaming Looking for new recruits for gaming content creation & long time members

    We’re looking for reliable, non-toxic candidates who have an immense passion for playing a lot of various video games extensively, being in a gaming group environment and contributing to gaming podcasts. Here’s our list of what we want and don’t want in the process of looking for more cool...
  16. Brattyharp

    Gaming Looking for some people to collaborate with!

    Hello everyone out there! I'm looking for people that are willing to collaborate with me! I do play a lot of pc. But I do also play Xbox and playstation. If you want to collaborate message me, what platform you play and what games you usually play or post!
  17. Chicken Tendies

    Gaming Gaming Podcast

    We are going to start a podcast talking about movies, games and new and we are looking for some new people to join us. You must have a discord our server is https: // fnacNCd Thanks CT-Team
  18. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Grow A Gaming Channel on YouTube

  19. I

    Gaming Looking for a fortnite group (PS4)

    Hello it’s awesome here and I am looking either for a fortnite group to join or a few people to create a group Requirements: Must be at least 17 years old. Have a decent mic. Be funny but not over funny to where it seems fake. Must upload at least 2 times a week. I play on PS4 so yeah if you...
  20. M

    Gaming Looking for Gaming Colab..

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some dudes willing to colab with me. I'm a gaming channel focussed on Elite: Dangerous and other games, Skyrim, Pubg, War thunder etc. I'm open to try new games and I just want to expand the horizons for my channel in regards to gaming content. I have 2200 subs...
  21. C


    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. My channel is CRITgaming. I primarily do Call of Duty videos and other first person shooter games. I am however spreading out the types of games that I bring to my channel. I enjoy watching a variety of games from certain people that I have subscribed to...
  22. PunchbowlGaming

    How's our Podcast?

    Hi Guys! On a second community channel we have been trying out Podcasting. We were wondering what you guys think of them. We haven't made one for a few weeks due to time constraints but we are bringing them back soon. Is there anything you would change about the format?
  23. ZabreMMO

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators?!

    Hi, I go by the name Zabre on YouTube. I play PC and PS4 games and would like to gather a group of friends to collaborate with on a weekly basis for footage to edit for youtube. I don't ask for a large requirement, however, I would like to set a few ground rules. 1) I am currently 21 years old...
  24. Gamie

    What is the most important thing for you in youtube?

    Tell me what you love the most in youtube.
  25. N

    Gaming N/A

  26. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming Popular Facebook Page is Live Streaming Every Runescape Quest, Join the Fun!

    Hey YTTalk People! A little bit of background! We are The Nerd Encounter! We are a popular Facebook page with almost 22,000 fans, that has expanded its sights to Youtube Gaming and Twitch! Our latest thing is "The Quest Cape Chronicles" which you can view the trailer on our Youtube Channel...
  27. RenOperative

    Gaming September Collaboration – Looking for new recruits for gaming content creation & long time members

    Introduction: Hello, my name is Renegade Operative. I am the co-host of a gaming podcast oriented group called "The Infinite Ammo Syndicate" we always seek out new blood each month to try to further our relationships and give new opportunities gaming channels of any size who desires a chance to...
  28. KantoGaming

    Channel Look

    I recently changed my youtube design as in my avatar and banner.. I know its bad to change it but I really dont want to change it again after my new one! Anyways if I could get any feedback on if you like the channel art i would appreciate it! Im not sure If i like the avatar with the plain...
  29. KantoGaming

    Reaching 1k

    I'm having such a struggle reaching 1k subs. I've had my channel for about a year, but did take a few months off. I see new gaming channels all the time taking off and I seem to be stuck. I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong. I post to twitter and Tumblr when a video comes out. Any other...
  30. RenOperative

    Gaming August Collaboration – Looking for new recruits for gaming content creation & opportunities

    Introduction: Hello, my name is Renegade Operative. I am the co-host of a gaming podcast oriented channel and we always seek out new blood each month to try to further our relationships and give new opportunities gaming channels of any size who desires a chance to be active & participate with a...