Youtube Gaming Section not showing any of my videos!? HELP!

Alright so basically what the title says. Our gaming channel is doing really well and we have been getting a good constant amount of views on every video we post. We also have been getting content out before bigger well known channels even have a chance to post a video on it. With all that being said I haven't seen our videos once pop up in the recent videos on the Mortal Kombat 11 gaming section of youtube. My videos are marked in the gaming section and marked in the mortal kombat 11 game section. I see videos with way less views and much older then some of mine that just wont show up in the section even when I check it on other peoples youtube channels. How do we get our videos to show up in the youtube gaming section? Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks!
Hi NickandAutumn, I just searched through and couldn't find you either. I can see you have your video set properly. The only thing I can think to check is under settings > advanced >
Channel recommendations
Allow my channel to appear in other channels' recommendations

I don't think that's it but I really have no other suggestions, I just looked through all my settings to see if there's anything else that's preventing it to show in the search results. It is showing in the search results just not under the section when browsing through.

Hoping you can get it worked out
@sarahja Thanks for that recommendation! I do have that box checked to allow my videos to appear on other channels recommendations. I have searched through every setting I can find I have googled every term and keyword I can think of and have come up short. Just blaming youtube algorithm at this point. I did reach out to youtube creator support hopefully they can give me some direction.

Again thank you for taking the time to check it out. really appreciate it.
Thanks so much for the update, I hope you manage to get it sorted out as I'm sure it could be affecting people finding you too. I did notice you have a great following and a strong follower base but still.... Best of luck!