Gaming Popular Facebook Page is Live Streaming Every Runescape Quest, Join the Fun!

Jun 18, 2016
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Hey YTTalk People! A little bit of background! We are The Nerd Encounter! We are a popular Facebook page with almost 22,000 fans, that has expanded its sights to Youtube Gaming and Twitch!

Our latest thing is "The Quest Cape Chronicles" which you can view the trailer on our Youtube Channel! Where we will be doing every single quest in Runescape via weekly live streams!

We will be live streaming simultaneously to, Facebook, Youtube Gaming, and Twitch Tv! As well as having a high quality recorded version, that we will cut into a "Quest Guide" after each stream! To recap how we did the quest!

This will take place every Wednesday 7-11PM PST, so join us on our Questing Adventure! Check out our Quest Cape Chronicles Facebook page to see what quests we are doing each week, where we are starting and in what world! Hang out and discuss Runescape stuff in our Discord Channel!

It's fully open, so come join in on the fun! Feel free to message us as well! With any ideas like collabs or other cool stuff!

Facebook Page: The Quest Cape Chronicles
Youtube: TheNerdEncounter
Twitch: TheNerdEncounter
Discord: TheNerdEncounter#7358
Skype: TheNerdEncounter

Thanks :)