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We’re looking for reliable, non-toxic candidates who have an immense passion for playing a lot of various video games extensively, being in a gaming group environment and contributing to gaming podcasts.

Here’s our list of what we want and don’t want in the process of looking for more cool candidates who can find a home with us:

What we don’t want:
1. Toxicity and uncivilized arguments. Just no, civil disagreements are fine but just being overtly negative is not.

2. Oversensitivity to crude humor, degenerate jokes and offensive language.

3. People not being serious about the inquiries. Waste of time to want to try this out only to say no or not respond later so it goes without saying…serious inquiries only otherwise you’ll be skipped over.

4. Monetary compensation and trying to gain subscribers only. If the words “free”, “chemistry” and “looking for unique discussions in gaming and comics over channel growth” isn’t what you’re looking for then I cannot help you.

5. No lurkers. If you’re not talkative then it’s not even worth contacting me. Just being honest.

What we do want: +A decent mic, decent internet and a decent vocal range. Doesn’t have to be a professional setup, we just need to hear you loud and clear.

+People willing to have flexible weekends if we do podcast content. We usually do things biweekly on weekends, there is also a schedule to keep everyone informed as well.

+Laid back, talkative, fun individuals who loves talking to others.

+European and North American content creators since we cater to both regions in terms of content.

+A firm knowledge of video game news and consoles on the market since obviously. (OPTIONAL: Knowing about comics, comic book movies and anime is a plus. We also have a comic book podcast about DC and Marvel movies as well.)

Extra info: That’s about it really. If you fit any of the positives and less of the negatives then DM me and we’ll try to work things out over discord. I have a public Discord link so it's very easy for people to converse if things work out. Once again just DM me and we'll go from there but heed the rules please. Serious inquiries only.
Hi there, I have a few of the positive section. (thankfully none of the negatives). I've got a decent vocal setup (2 x akg c214 condenser mics, attached to an interface), so that hopefully wont be a problem. Got great internet for my country (uk), with 350 down, 20 up, and ping of around 10 to 15 max.I do tend to mumble a bit, but ill turn the gain up if that happens. I'm very flexible time wise, i always aim for a video a day nowadays, so would be aiming for quite an intensive schedule. Weekends are fine for me as well. As i said, im in the UK, so somewhere in between US and EU (well...technically eu, but not for long :(

Got great Gaming knowledge, but very little comic news im afraid. Having said that, I follow all of the marvel and dc movies.

Also, I'm going to post this below your post, but will also be DM it to you, just in case :) Thanks!
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