Gaming August Collaboration – Looking for new recruits for gaming content creation & opportunities


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Introduction: Hello, my name is Renegade Operative. I am the co-host of a gaming podcast oriented channel and we always seek out new blood each month to try to further our relationships and give new opportunities gaming channels of any size who desires a chance to be active & participate with a gaming group or gaming podcast while making new friends in the long term, a social experiment for those who enjoy a vast array of gaming discussions and geek culture.

What we’re looking for: We’re looking for laid back, non-bias, drama free, respectful gamers who want to partake in many things that could pertain in collaborative streams, let's plays, podcasts about the latest gaming news/tech, talk about comics, stories in video games, and the group embodies talking about all these fun things.

Platform preference: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Timezones: We have two servers based around the North American and Europe regions so whatever region your from will be the most suitable server for activities but you can join both servers which invites talking to the community at any time on Discord. Timezones are EDT, CST, PDT, CEST and BST based so we’d really prefer if you match up to those timezones at least.

Are there any rules?: Yes, there are basic rules but they are given out after the questionnaire process. All of interested must pass a brief questionnaire which can be done in an assortment of ways either through text or voice via direct messages. This helps us decide worthy candidates so comment me if you’re interested and I’ll DM the details. This process cannot be skipped.

Do you have an age or subscriber range?: Just be mature and the subs you have don’t matter for entry into this group.

Channel type: Varied. We’re centered around let’s plays, streams, gaming podcasts, comic book movies, video game films with audio commentary, vast discussion on video game franchises, etc. Certainly adult humor and uncensored so it’s 18+ content.

Is there any extra information we should know?: The questionnaire will have additional information so please DM/comment me right away. Also we’re going on a slight vacation from July 3rd to August 22nd however we still won’t stop interacting with potential newcomers so that’s a good opportunity to come and get to know us before we collaborate.

Chemistry is key if you’re chosen. Once chosen you will be given Discord links and additional information about the things we do on YouTube. The questionnaire is like a small interview, we ask you things that we would like to know and based on your answers it will determine if we’re seeking the right individuals.

Do you have other forms of contact: E-mail me directly at if I don’t get to you immediately as a back-up. Lots of luck to you who participate!
I am quite interested i have sent you a dm on twitter with some of my info, i used to have a different alias and still have the channel, but i did not like the channel as much anymore, so i restarted and chose to do it right this time.