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  1. Brandzor

    [GMOD] Stories From The CityRp - 'My First Dank Purchase'

    In this City Life story, bare witness to my first purchase of the finest, dankest kush that the city has to offer! Of course things didn't go to plan... P.S DID ANYONE NOTICE THE VIDEO LENGTH? BLAZE IT. CityLife RP is a game mode on Garry's Mod, check it out if you haven't already booooooyz...
  2. Jenni Nexus

    Live-streaming to help your YouTube channel?

    Who has found use in live-streaming events / let's plays or IRL, in terms of growing your YouTube channel? I have 3K+ subs on YT (woo hoo!) but just nearing 100 on Twitch (my favorite live-streaming site). I tried some others too, like Periscope & Peeks Social (mobile apps - on Peeks you can...
  3. KrivixHD

    KrivixHD My Gaming Channel ;)

    So I don't know how to fix my youtube link so here So my channel rn I do Graphic design, minecraft, and csgo, but I'm getting a lot of games in this coming month is be ready for a lot of content as well as I have been posting pretty much...
  4. robotgamerplays

    would be happy to hear a feedback on my new video

    i just made my best edited video were i play with some friends gta 5 online and is amazing so hope you guys give me your feedback and hope you enjoy
  5. EfUtalize

    Gaming PC Collab

    I've recently wanted to start doing YouTube properly, i have invested in a fairly decent computer that can pretty much run any current game and I'm looking to create a small group to play with and just have fun. Requirements to join Must be 18 or over, I myself am 20. Must have a good...
  6. PhoenixAnimus

    Would you survive?! | The Forest w/ Facecam

    So yeah, I played the forest for the first time in about like two years or however long it's been, and I decided to show off my face while doing it. It was my first time using an actual camera (not a webcam, I mean a proper video camera for this) and I tried my best to sync things up but you...
  7. Morpheus0316

    Looking for a Battlefield 1 rant then look no Further!!

    Hey guys King shaka's inner rant guy and check the latest rant on Battlefield 1 brotha! You will enjoy it!
  8. C

    Gaming YouTube Gaming group, any amount of subs

    Hi, looking for a gaming group for recording YouTube videos with, recquiments: Pc games like Gmod, Gta and call of duty black opps 3 for zombies and probably more. Any amount of subs Will record at least weekly 16+ And a quality microphone.
  9. E

    Gaming I want to creat a channel with someone

    Hi. I want to creat a youtube channel with someone. We can post on the channel our own videos and videos that we make playing together. I know you maybe think that why would you makr a channel with someone when you can do it alone but I think it's interesting when a channel has variety and it's...
  10. KantoGaming

    Carrie Fisher

    I did a speed build in the Sims 4 in remembrance of Carrie Fisher! She will be missed dearly
  11. tedswrong

    Battlefield 1 Medic Class Funny Moments!!

    I try out some online rush with my favorite medic class... watch and laugh at my fails!!
  12. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming Huge Pixelmon Server(A Minecraft Pokemon Mod)

    Hey fellow Youtube Gamers! I'm from The Nerd Encounter! We have posted here before! We're mainly a fb page with almost 22,000 likes (21900+ now!), but were looking to get into Youtube more! We had the idea to make a Pixelmon server. Which for those of you who don't know, is a minecraft...
  13. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming #RunescapeRestartLive on Popular FB Page and Youtube Gaming!

    Hey fellow Gamers! We are doing #RunescapeRestartLive this Tuesday at 4pm PST! The idea behind it is we are going to all start a brand new non member account, and start from the beginning and play together! We are looking for people to join us in this awesome event! Its perfect for people...
  14. KantoGaming

    Channel Art Feedback

    Hello! I'm just looking for some honest opinions on my YouTube banner and my thumbnails. I've been trying to make my channel brighter and more colorful. I like my banner because it's my own art, but idk if other people like it. I appreciate your honest opinions (:
  15. MultiDragon129

    Dark Souls III # 15 | DEATH RUN ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ

    DARK SOULS 3 #15 | DEATH RUN! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody this is MultiDragon129 BACK for my full...
  16. KantoGaming

    High Fear Coaster in Planet Coaster!

    In todays episode of Planet Coaster I built my first Roller Coaster... and it ended up having some funny ratings! Check it out! Also give me some suggestions on what to do with the park next!
  17. Everything Supreme

    Almost Made Me Poop My Pants

    Hey Everyone I uploaded a new video today I would appreciate if you all would check it out maybe left some feedback and if you enjoyed it subscribe and leave a like. This was the first time I have uploaded a gaming video to my channel in awhile that wasn't a livestream so I'm still getting back...
  18. Zacke23

    Tips for new gaming youtubers?

    Ive just recently started on youtube doing gaming videos such as Fifa and Call Of Duty, I understand my views and subs arent going to go up overnight but was just wondering if anyone had any tips on what i can do to get views and subs, this is something ive wanted to do for a long time and want...
  19. KantoGaming

    Genetics Challenge!

    I recently took on the genetics challenge in the sims 4 and you guys get to decide if I failed or if I succeeded! The challenge is super fun and if you wanna do it yourself check out my video for the rules (:
  20. KantoGaming


    Part one of Planet Coaster is now available to watch on my channel! Its so fun and im so excited to have another theme park game! Come join me on my channel!
  21. T

    Gaming I want to collab with someone on PC. You need to be at least 15 (my age).

    Long story short, I need a sub boost bc I have no audience rn and need one. If you are interested, we can exchange skype/discord stuffs and (my rule) we have to look at each others channels, because I think we need to like each others channels before we can collab, or else it'd just be so...
  22. Always Sunbros

    Need A Review/Help On Gaming Channel

    Hey Guys! Want a review of our channel. Looking at design, content, anything you can think of. We are very low on the totem pole of YouTube but that isn't a bother to us. We just drink beer, play games, and hit record. Thanks to anyone that gives us a look! If anything needs improvement give...
  23. iMSaiyan

    Not growing as fast as I want too. Some feedback appreciated!

    Hey guys so I'm not growing as fast as I want, of course I think anyone can say that haha. I appreciate all my subs and each and every comment I get but I do want to reach out to people more and I know it'll take time, it's not an overnight thing and so forth. I am willing to push myself as...
  24. ShizzleYTB

    Gaming Look for channels to record with :)

    Hello there! I'm looking for channels to record with in the area of gaming and even vlogging/challenges, that kind of thing. Here's my youtube channel if you're interested :D
  25. L

    Difference between Streaming to Youtube or Youtube Gaming?

    If I want to start a gaming stream (Keep in mind never have) isn't it just better to stream it on the normal youtube rather then youtube gaming as I hear youtube gaming has a very small audience while of course the normal youtube has a huge one. Or are you not allowed to stream gameplay on the...
  26. Vanquish

    How do I get more views on my youtube videos?

    I have posted a few youtube videos now and i was just wondering how I can get more views on them. I a still kinda new to youtube so help would be greatly appreciated.
  27. Its Ryan

    WHAT DO I DO!!!! (I really need help!!!)

    hey guys there has been something that has been bothering me for a long time and i don't know what to do about it. So i run a channel called its ryan and I play minecraft/roblox games. I make funny moments videos and i freaking love it. But here is the problem. I love youtube. I love it so...
  28. W.G.C

    What do you think is better?

    I do a lot of gaming videos for my channel but I`m just not sure which is better: When completing a chapter is it better to upload the whole chapter (which may take up to 45 min-1 hr per vid but would lessen the amount of videos ) OR do single parts of the chapter (which in turn makes way more...