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  1. GamingRack

    Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell part 3, THAT DAMN CHAIR!!

    That damn chair man it honestly took me 15 minutes to find it. If you enjoyed this video let me know and give me some suggestions on what to play next. follow me on the social media's Twitter: @gamingrack Instagram: gamingrack
  2. GamingRack

    The second Verdun video is now live, check it out!!!

    Time to bring out the big guns, AKA The Heavy Artillery. If you liked this video let me know and give me some suggestions on what to play next!!! Follow me over on the social media's Twitter: @gamingrack Instagram: gamingrack
  3. GamingRack

    Saints Row Gat Outta Hell Part 2!! We're smashing through this

    This seems to be going even quicker than I thought it would but anyway blackbeard seemed pretty alright. let me know what you waant me to play next and.... follow me over on the social media: Twitter: @gamingrack instagram: gamingrack
  4. GamingRack

    Holy Hell | Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

    Start of a new series over on the gamingrack youtube channel. have a look and let me know what you guys think or what I should play next. Im still getting used to this so any tips would be great plus let me know if my audio is good or not.
  5. VoidTranceYT

    Gaming Looking for Gaming Collaborations!

    Hey Guys I am looking for some people to collaborate with. I aim to do collaboration on Black Ops 3 on PS4. I can record facecam, gameplay everything at 1080p 60fps so if you are looking for someone to collab with be sure to HMU on twitter @VoidTranceHD or via a Forum post or on my YT Channel...
  6. T

    TheAwesomeJ's YouTube Channel

    Hey there, I'm TheAwesomeJ. I really like to make youtube videos because it let's me entertain people and I can show my creativity. One thing I would really appreciate would be if you let me know any improvements that I should do to make myself or channel be the best they can be. I'd would mean...
  7. AchillestheHunter


    Hi! My name is AchillestheHunter but many call me Achilles. I have a few friends in a non-official group we started. We are getting ready to start putting videos up and are looking for more people to play with. New youtubers or if you already have started come join us! We want to mostly play...
  8. AchillestheHunter

    Request Looking for talented photoshop user to make me a banner, icon, intro, and outro

    Hi, I'm AchillestheHunter and I am trying to get professional looking graphics for my channel before I put up videos. I am a gaming channel and am based around world of warcraft and other random games. I am looking for a talented photoshop user to make me a banner, icon, intro, and outro. Will...
  9. EvoShieldGaming

    On The Right Track For A Good Channel?

    Hey guys/girls So I have been doing YouTube now for about a year (I have made and started lots of channels), but I can't find a way to grow faster or look good for anyone who comes across my videos. I would like some help on the following things. - Channel Banner (Good or Bad?) - Video...
  10. CollideEffect


    LMAO i got a bit upset with this one dude in this episode of Survival games , but it is all fun and games! Hope you enjoy. and if you feel like it, come check out the channel!
  11. CollideEffect

    Love making videos, check it out!

    I am currently making videos for YouTube, just trying to build a bigger fan base because i really enjoy doing it and i want more people to see it, so if you like it.. come check out my channel!
  12. Trin

    Gaming Looking for Dedicated Youtubers

    Yo! I'm Anthony and I've been doing YouTube for about 5 years now (It's crazy, right?) I've had multiple channels, I've run, managed, owned and coached MLG Teams. I've ran Minecraft servers, and I've run two gaming communities. I've always had a strong passion and dream to entertain others in...
  13. T

    Why Watch time is more important than views!

    I thought I would take a little information from it and share with you! Ill make this super short and hopefully easy for everyone to understand. Back in the day youtube used to value VIEWS more than WATCHTIME They soon found out that just because you had a lot of views didn't mean your content...
  14. SODonLine

    Can I Grow on Youtube? :3

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am New Youtuber here and can I Grow my Channel? xD
  15. Zach S.

    A Skyrim Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!! Well, I guess technically not yet :p Today we get to bring our jolly Christmas spirit to the fine looking citizens of Skyrim! Join me, Zapps, as we go off track for a video to have fun wishing all the merry people of Tamriel a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Disclaimer : Some...
  16. Crown

    YouTube gaming - new feature

    Brand-new user experience puts games front and center, including live gaming. View content in three ways: through Games, Feed and Channels. Hang out with your favorite YouTube Creators in our new Live system, featuring improved chat latency and moderation. Good shelf...
  17. IPPimp

    Attracting Views and Subscribers

    Hello, I'm IPPimp host of a newley starting channel with the same name, I was wondering if anyone here on YTTalk could help me figure out why i'm not bringing in a lot of views on the majority of my content. I've been focusing on searcheable content such as tips and tricks videos for games. Now...
  18. WilBajamas

    Competition On Youtube

    Hey there, I've been making Youtube Gaming videos for about 2 and a half months now and I'm just wondering whether the competition has heated up compared to 3 to 5 years ago?? I know gaming videos has been popping out a lot too... Let me know guys, thanks for reading ^^
  19. WilBajamas

    Forum for Youtube Gaming

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you guys have started out being on Youtube Communities a long time. I've just started but I noticed that has changed, it doesn't have forums now? Only sites and videos etc???
  20. WilBajamas


    Hey guys, I started playing this horror game about few weeks ago, and I just wanted to share it with you guys!! I've made 3 videos of SOMA playthrough so far, let me know what you guys think or give me any feedbacks on what I should change... Thanks... This is Part 1 of SOMA IS IT REAL...
  21. I

    Comedy Care To Check Out My Channel?

    Hey guys so I know you've probably seen this comment like millions of times but I was wondering if any of you would like to check out my channel? I mainly do comedy videos and I think they're pretty funny myself. I work really hard and I'm always looking for ways to improve, and that's where...