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MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am New Youtuber here and can I Grow my Channel? xD


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I think anyone can have a successful YouTube channel. It comes down to creating high quality, unique content, meeting and working with other people who make similar content, and consistently uploading the type of content your viewers come to watch for. It took me a long time to learn these lessons, but when I did, my channel started to do much better. It all comes down to the dedication to your craft though.
This is my Brand new Channel, I started uploading from CS:GO Montages, But I'm playing other games but CS:GO. If you'll go to my channel link You can see I Uploaded Hurtworld Gameplay and Soma. Also I am searching for Youtube Partner to Record Gamepalys together.
I wish it was easy to grow a channel but it takes alot of effort sacrifice and commitment,

engage your audience (through comment section) sort out branding unique to your personality, consistency, are also really important, social advertising is and advantageous
You can grow your channel, for sure. How big and how fast are the big unknowns. It's a highly competitive place right now, and there are so many people doing it. What I tend to see is a lot of people starting out strong and then giving up after a couple of months because it's not happening as quickly as they hope. Just commit to a couple of years of consistently doing this. You want to do it for a long time, so don't give up after a short time. :)
Yes, you can grow your channel. Make a video, promote it on social media. Repeat this process until you have at least 30 videos. THEN check your analytics to see how your videos are doing. Don't look at your analytics before this or you might get discouraged! That's my piece of advice for you!