Gaming Looking for group/creators!


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Hey everyone. I'm looking for a small group/to create a small group of content creators. I'm 22 and from Finland but I I speak English as my first language. So looking for people around my age preferably from the UK/EU. I mostly play Warzone, GTA, funny games and super flexible and open for new ones! so a long term group would be beneficial. Tolerance to dark humor and good vibes is definitely a must!

Looking for:
people my age
pref UK time
No tin can mics
dedicated group!

I don't want invitations to "small" discord servers please!
Existing content isn't needed as long as you're committed to at least being on recordings!

Add me on Discord or reply here with your discord if you're interested or wanna learn more!
All the best,
DC: OFCLmunakiituri#0817