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  1. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for people to play games and collab with

    Hello my name is Jammy, or jammy951 (twitch and youtube) I'm 23 and from the UK and looking to find people to play with, chat with and just have a laugh. I am looking for people who are looking to play a wide variety of games, who want to play games whether it for streaming, recording or just...
  2. Flick Six

    How avengers endgame should of ended....

    THIS VIDEO CONTAINS NO SPOILERS (just a humourous twist)
  3. MattTries

    Gaming Get the gang together

    Just some chill and funny people to play games with me and some friends. Kinda want to get a little recording group like the Misfits. If you don't know who they are then this probably wouldn't be for you. Sub count really doesn't matter to me but I'd like for you to be committed. I play on PC...
  4. FamousTheSnOOpy

    Gaming Floor is Lava Ltm!

    Little gaming clip I made.
  5. Abdullahx9000

    Been on a 1-2 months "vacation/break", how do I start strong? And how is my channel?

    So recently I have been on a 1-2 months "break" where I was not able to upload any videos because of the really tight time I have had and bunch of high school projects. How do I start strong again? I do also have a couple of questions regarding my channel: * How is my logo and banner? Anything...
  6. Dawayne West

    Gaming Ps4 or xbox youtubers???

    Hey y'all I was looking to see if anyone wanted to collab potentially for a video I dont really have a requirement on subs or nothing games I play are Xbox: gta v ,mortal kombat x, NBA 2k19 ( my team mainly but willing to play park), fortnite( I dont play often but I'm willin to play ) Ps4...
  7. Dawayne West

    Gaming Ps4 or xbox youtubers???

    What a going on y'all I'm looking for mainly ps4 youtubers but I also play xbox. I'm pretty motivated to do YouTube after about a year off and now the grind is gonna be real! I'm pretty laid back and is willing to work with anyone no requirements I mostly play sports titles but am open to any...
  8. Mad_Matt99

    Gaming Looking for other YouTubers (PS4) To make funny moment videos (like Vanoss)

    Looking for people to create content with on Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I want to get involved with funny moments but unfortunately it's hard with my friends trying to do their own thing now. I'm 19 years old and im just trying to have fun as well as put the time and effort into my editing. If...

    I Reached 100 subs at last next up 1000

    I finally achieved my goal of 100 subs and now I'm determined to achieve an even bigger goal I hope everyone will support me in this endeavour. :)
  10. ParanoiaOrigins

    Gaming YouTuber Looking To Start a Group (Mostly on PlayStation 4!)

    Whats up Yall, I go by Paranoia Origins! I am a PS4 youtuber, mostly due to the fact ps4 is the only system that has a video editing software called "SHAREFactory" so pretty much stuck with it. At the moment I'm currently sitting at 33 subs looking for other YouTuber with a PS4, I had been...
  11. GAMERSplayground


    Someone who wants to collaborate on a mobile gaming video !
  12. Gunshot501

    Gaming Gaming Group

    Hi all. I am I youtuber who was big in my mind (1k subs) then lost a bunch and want to get back into youtube. It would be nice to get a squad going playing different games for funny moments on either PC or XBOX One. If you have discord and are interested let me know by replying with your discord...
  13. milesgamix77

    My youtube channel is being Harrassed and Raided!

    I need major major help! My youtube channel is being RAIDED. This raid is not just some 2 dislike raid. its REALLY bad. I am getting 15+ dislikes on my videos all because I had different views about a game in steam disscussions. My channel and reputation is being ruined by assholes and scum on...
  14. JUN6L3

    How to Grow From 11 Subs?

    So I currently have 11 followers on my streaming channel, JUN6L3. I have a set schedule for certain games Monday through Thursday at the same times. I am wondering how do I get more people to join my streams, interact, subscribe to me and keep coming back ? I do believe my comedic/rage...
  15. JUN6L3

    2 Week Old Streaming Channel. Where do I promote?

    So I currently have 11 followers on my streaming channel, JUN6L3. I have a set schedule for certain games Monday through Thursday at the same times. I am wondering how do I get more people to join my streams, interact, subscribe to me and keep coming back ? I do believe my comedic/rage...
  16. Mad_Matt99

    Gaming Looking for other YouTubers who want to collab on PS4

    I've never done something like this before but after surfing through different channels through YouTube i figured that this would be the easiest way. I'm a 19 year old that attends college and also working at my part time job. YouTube is definitely something I want to expand upon, and I'm...
  17. SomeRandomGamers

    What do you have to do to stand out from the crowd?

    What's up to everyone that's reading this post. (even you..... fat dude eating an entire pizza) Before I ask my question here's a little info about me. I'm a video-gamer lover and I love to both make and play them and I'm thankful to have nearly 4 years of premiere pro experience and I'm...
  18. Jose Toribio

    Meet Up/Gathering NYC area boiiz or ONLINE

    Hey, everyone! I'm open to making videos with anyone. I can either meet up so we can think of something to film or we can speak on discord and plan from there. :-] Recently I have been trying to be more consistent with my content and posting regularly. We can meet online or in person! My name...
  19. M

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers/Streamers to Collab with

    I've been doing YouTube for six years and never had anyone to play with on a consistent basis. All my high school friends went there separate ways and now I just upload videos by myself and occasionally play with some of my best friends. But they have school and jobs so I'm looking for people to...
  20. Paranoia_Origins

    Vote On Games "YOU" All Would Like to See Me Live Stream/Record/Edit/Upload Onto My YouTube Channel

    This is all the games i currently have to play on my PS4 now with that said i will live stream/upload games to my channel from the most wanted to the least. So I really thank everyone taking part in this poll it will really help me grown an audience for my youtube gaming channel now you can ask...

    Should I do a Halloween special video?

    I'm reaching my 25th episode of VR Chat and was wondering whether or not I should make it a Halloween special so I would like to hear peoples opinions.
  22. H

    Gaming Come Play With Me

    Hey there im looking for people to stream and play games with on pc bust be older than 13 and be mature message me on discord XpertSniper82#3745 so we can talk thanks talk soon.
  23. GameCable

    How to start YouTube

    I want to join, but i'm worried that I won't have enough time thanks to school and all that. I was thinking I could just record a whole heap of videos on sundays and upload them every day for the week. And I also think its to late to start YouTube. What do I do? P.S. I want to do gaming videos!

    Content and Channel overall review needed.

    I am a Gaming/Funny Moments Youtuber and I am wanting some feedback and possible reviews of my content such as the quality of my videos, the appearance of the channel and just an overall review of my content I do, I would also appreciate any critism such as what I could improve upon or whether I...
  25. SwiftUnity


    Hey! My name is SwiftUnity and I’m looking for a couple of gaming YouTubers to collaborate with. Currently I’m sitting at a 2.8k subscriber mark and a 149k view count. Being the creator of several collaboration outlets such as Aurora Studios and Project Apex, I aim to carry a wide and...
  26. Shurikex

    Gaming Building A YouTube Gaming Channel

    My name is Shurikex I'm 24 years old I'm looking to form a new YouTube channel that focuses on Gaming and Technology stuff.Mostly around 2-4 members for content and must have a little bit of YouTube experience.And so is best for everyone on here please have a bit of editing skills...
  27. MattTries

    Gaming CS:GO/Fortnite/RainbowSix/Random Games

    Looking for nice/funny people to record videos with. I'd prefer people ages 15+. Subscriber count doesn't really matter because I'm really just wanting to create a discord for everyone to join and get big and grow as 1. any size is welcome, we all want to grow. I play PC, PS4, and Xbox on some...

    I reached over 60 subs and I'm proud of it

    I never thought anyone would enjoy my content and I don't care if its a small number I'm very proud that people find my content funny and enjoyable even if I don't grow anymore after this I'm still gonna make videos for those few people who watch me.
  29. Stoner Gamer

    This is so funny I had a blast

    This was a funny one. We played this game not knowing what it was
  30. Ahmad Safdari

    Video for Youtube from recording to publishing

    Hello! I'm new to recording for youtube and I created a channel that want to put my game play there. But the problems are: - I don't know exactly which software is best for recording. - I don't know how to produce a video at least 45 mins with affordable resolution (720p or 1080p) and low size...