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Just some chill and funny people to play games with me and some friends. Kinda want to get a little recording group like the Misfits. If you don't know who they are then this probably wouldn't be for you. Sub count really doesn't matter to me but I'd like for you to be committed.

I play on PC, PS4, and 360. Prefer you to be older than 15 just for humorous purposes. Have a decent mic and we'd be chill.

I don't really like to play fortnite cause of the sweats but we are just doing funny moments I won't mind. I also have all Cod games so we can do something like that. I have CS:GO also but I'm not really good so don't expect a pro player.

That is pretty much it. I just hate making videos alone. Making videos with friends is just 10x more fun.

Here is my channel if you wanna see how much I can relate to you.
Hey i'm a smaller channel but I post a lot of Misfits like content, I'm 18 and love making funny moments videos. Feel free to go checkout my Channel to see if you want to collab, I play PC and Xbox Though. YT is Itz Flaws