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  1. TavenGaming

    Fortnite funny video put effort into

    I'm pretty curious how you think my first video i uploaded to youtube (with effort involved) is, i know the audio is iffy but would like feedback Video: Channel:
  2. Gimphy

    Youtube Thumbnails For Just $1 EACH HURRY!!

    Hello My Name is Abe Chouman And I'll make you a thumbnail for just $1! I use Photoshop and Personally run my own YouTube Channel that has over 2500 Views. If You're Interested Contact Me: Email. Discord. Abe_Chouman#2505 Examples:
  3. Ellythium

    Gaming New peeps to collab with

    Hello! I am open for any games from Racing, First Person Shooters, to horror. I am open to all of them :D Platform: I am a PC gamer. Timezone: EST Age: 16+ Subscribers: 191 Channel: Ellythium I would love to have new people to game with and to make videos with. I love meeting new people and...
  4. Seiger Seigsta

    Need Help With Tags/Getting Videos Ranking High And Noticed

    Hello everyone i would like to put out that i am decent with youtube experience but this is my trouble ive had for quite some time ive used apps/websites for finding the best tags but it still does not help. I am still unsure about what i am doing wrong. anyone got any advice or tips?
  5. CraftinJoey

    Gaming Looking to make a youtube gaming comedy squad! (PC)

    I am looking to start a gaming comedy group consisting of smaller youtubers! Requirements ------------------ 15+ (Can be arranged) Good mic quality (Tell me what mic it is) Be an active Youtuber Good Sense Of Humor Can Be Able To Curse... A lot Most have at least 720p videos (preferably 1080p)...
  6. Kaptic

    Gaming Looking For Fun People to collab on PC with!

    I'm looking for some fun people to play games with a record! All you need is a decent mic, a good personality, dedication, and to be 16 or older! Thanks for reading and I hope to play with some of you in the future. Also, I will make a discord server that we can communicate on and plan recording!
  7. Kingsnake1011

    Gaming Pc funny moments group

    Yo I’m king dizzle fo shnizzle snake and I’m looking for yt friends. Requirements: - decent mic - decent pc - good sense of humor - 13 + - dedication to YouTube Just message me if your interested I play most games and if no I can buy discord is kingsnake1011#4245
  8. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming (PS4) LF A Long Term Content Creators Who Are Funny and Consistent The Group!

    What games that i want to collab with other youtubers? List of games i have that can be good collabration games: 1) Destiny 2, Overwatch, Paladins, Rainbow Six Siege, Monster Hunter World, H1Z1, and Fortnight (Rainbow Six Siege, H1Z1 and Fortnight) are the the three i have never played before...
  9. T

    Gaming Looking for fortnite players (PC)

    Want to be on YouTube? I want to make a funny moments video with people i play with, if you play on pc your in luck just add me as a friend and come play have a good time. would like you to have a microphone if not that's ok. Username: Tylerharding69 P.S This does not mean all the videos are...
  10. Mister5ive

    Gaming Minecraft Survival Series Collab Anyone?

    Hello fellow post viewer, I'm wanting to officially get back into the habit of making videos becasue One: Its fun Two: It takes me away in a stress free world So I enjoy making videos by myself but making videos with other people is just so much better! SOOOO... I hoping to collab with...
  11. FrenchiseGaming

    HILARIOUS Creepy Ewok Hunt In Star Wars BF2

    I had a blast playing this game mode! Tell me what you guys think!! Oh plus there's a giveaway!
  12. Christian Duong

    Gaming Looking for peeps to collaborate with! (XBOX ONE)

    I'm still pretty new to doing YouTube but I've been very inconsistent which is terrible and so I want to start being more active and consistent but I think it would be 10x more fun and interesting with other YouTubers in my videos. I only game on XBOX ONE, for now, I'm saving up for a PC. At the...
  13. Paranoia_Origins

    How About A Quick "Tu-Toriel?" - Undertale Part 3

    Me: add a good pun into the TITLE of my part 3 to my undertale playthrough video! Everyone Else: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sans: XD Papyrus: PLEASE NO! Toriel: X'D Frisk: *Reset His Channel? *Yes Everyone ready for some more of my amazing voice acting? Then come on down and watch some Undertale...
  14. YTParadox

    Gaming Looking for PC Fortnite Collab

    Hey check me out and let me know if you want to collab, Im on PC and I mainly streams and play fortnite. I can do short term collabs or long terms depending on the situation. My twitter : @patrick_do3 Discord : paradox_rn#8361
  15. Abdullahx9000

    Is my channel dying?

    I am really not sure where to begin. But to simplify everything here is the story "shortened": My youtube channel a couple of months ago was at around 1000 subcribers only, I suddenly began to grow quickly and almost reached 9000 subs by now. But on the videos I created when I had fewer...
  16. MrPryce

    Persona 5 April Walkthrough Part 2

    Here guys another walkthrough of Persona 5 April month
  17. MrPryce

    Brawlhalla Butt Kicking Videos

    Some good Brawlhalla video
  18. I

    Gaming Group Gaming Collab

    Hi, my name is Adam and I'm 19 years old in the USA playing on PC. I create mature content based not only on the games I play, but the people that i share my time with. My former group of friends I would collaborate with have become very inactive and as a result I have as well. So I'm looking...
  19. ReeceS

    FarCry5 - Baron Lumber Mill

    I would if you could go and view my video and leave comments on what you think to also what improvements I could make for the future thanks in advance Reece
  20. Iam_Son_Of_Odin


    Hi there! Im looking for someone who like to play Gmod on private servers and make funny moments. What im thinking to play on Gmod: - Prop hunt - Deathrun - Hide and seek - Guess who Soo far I have some friends who are playing this, but we want some more to join us. If you like this...
  21. King Munch

    Anyone There?

    Is there any animators on here?
  22. T

    Gaming Help wanted

    Im looking for some people to make videos with on pc games hit me up
  23. Nvtkrazy

    Gaming Fortnite pc yt collab!

    Yo, im looking for some dope ppl to collab with. Lets make it happen if youre real about it. Currently doing fortnite for now. Im at almost 800+ wins in fortnite! Hit me up on youtube, or we can chat it up to figure things out on my discord:YSYRkqM Here's my youtube content and gameplay...
  24. Joshua Jampersad

    Gaming Any one wants to colab at fortnite

    Hi my Josh, I go by skullpoly on Youtube i curently have 40 subscribers and wanted to know if anyone would like to colab at fortnite. I so please message me on Instagram @skullpoly or you can comment on one of my videos @skullpoly gaming on youtube. Thank you for your time.
  25. Techicvi

    Finished/Closed Looking for a permanent thumbnail artist ( who works for exposure)

    Hello everyone... I'm Matt (FastFire95) and I'm looking for someone to make thumbnails for all my current and future videos. ( basically my thumbnail artist) I will share your work and any social media links for every thumbnail you make !!!! Message me on here on on Twitter @mattstill70 Thanks !!!!
  26. A

    Gaming Collab Youtube/Twitch

    Hi! My names Adam, I’m 18 and like a lot of us I’ve been looking to start a YouTube channel for a while. However I’ve always tried on my own and never with a few friends or other gamers. I would like to get a friend group where we can hang out on discord and mess around on various games and do...
  27. Iam_Son_Of_Odin

    Gaming Are you a Youtuber and record GMOD??

    Hey! Im about to start doing youtube, and some of the stuff I want to record is Garry's mod. Soo Im looking for someone else who want to play Gmod on private servers. My vision is to work hard with youtube so im planning to play alot everyday. Im planning to play Prop hunt, deathrun, guess...
  28. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Why It's Okay NOT To Have An Active Facebook Page

    Why It's Okay NOT To Have An Active Facebook Page // You've heard me bang on about the importance of Social Media for months... maybe even years. Social Media can be a melting pot of new leads, new clients and great opportunities. But now i'm going to shock you and tell you Why It's Okay NOT To...
  29. Shurikex

    Gaming A New YouTube Channel & Need Partners (PC)

    Hey guys my name is Shurikex I had an old YouTube Channel with around 80 subs at one point but then I stopped creating content due to some personal issues but now I wanna start doing YouTube again. I'm looking for content creators like myself to form our YouTube group. Creating content on...
  30. TavenGaming

    Gaming Pc Gameing to make funny moments and like just messing around

    I am making content and looking to find others to play with, I just made a custom pc and planning to upload content regularly and recording days are Sunday-Tuesday. I am someone who can rage easily but also love trolling and messing with someone. Requirements: Know how to mess around Looking...