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  • What games that i want to collab with other youtubers?
List of games i have that can be good collabration games: 1) Destiny 2, Overwatch, Paladins, Rainbow Six Siege, Monster Hunter World, H1Z1, and Fortnight (Rainbow Six Siege, H1Z1 and Fortnight) are the the three i have never played before.
  • What will my collaboration consists of you ask?
I would like to make a collaboration on destiny 2, monster hunter world, gta 5, paladins, rainbow six siege, overwatch (now i'm new to siege so if your willing to teach me and work with me then we good, as for overwatch its been a long time since i played it so i'm bad at it till i can get used to it again). All on the PlayStation 4 cause well its all I got to record and or live stream with, though people told me its best to record on the ps4 then to live stream and record as you get better quality out of your videos. but thats why i got adobe premiere pro for :p

  • What are my requirements for these collaborations?
I don't have that many requirements but i do have some within understandable means like: 18 or older any younger will have to talk to me cause i'm not going lower then 16 years old no offence.

I'm a new youtuber so i don't have certain amount of subscribers to request you guys have.

Have at least 10+ video and it has to be about gaming, as for views i would say at least 30 views?

So thats pretty much all my requirements at this moment (will change based on if i can get our collab group going)

  • How can contact me?
Give information on how they are going to get in contact with you. This can be via Private Messages, Consoles, Email, etc.

I have a few ways one being my cell phone number which i dont like to give out but it is the way for me to read and reply to them.

Private Messages are always welcome so dont be afraid to reach me here.

Messaging Me on my PlayStation 4 (PS4 Party Chat) is always great just if i'm record i turn OFF ALL notifications cause it creates that ugly black back in my videos and nearly impossible to remove or cover up.

As for any other ways to contact me would be my TWITTER, FACEBOOK, DISCORD, YOUTUBE CHANNEL, so I recommend you guys get just in case so we all always have some why to communicate with them better.

  • When will our collaboration take place?
This one is option since this can be talked over in the PS4 Party Chat or other sort of communication with the group. But I wish to add up when will the our collaboration take place, like when will we need to submit the our content, and when we will upload the video etc.

All these gaming collaborations and more will be on the PlayStation 4 System cause i don't have a strong computer to do PC collaboration so please understand that.

(PS4) Looking For A Long Term Passionate and Dedicated Content Creators For Our YouTube Group!
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I have updated this post with a list of games i have on my ps4 hope this helps with seeing what games YOU can collab with me on! Don't be shy lets make some kick azz gaming content!
I have updated this post to let everyone know that games i really want to do collabs with is Fortnite > RainbowSIX | Siege > Overwatch > Monster Hunter World > Smite > Paladins , Grand Theft Auto 5 > Tera Online > Etc...not sure but if one of these games is a game you'd like to collab with me on let me know asap!