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So I currently have 11 followers on my streaming channel, JUN6L3. I have a set schedule for certain games Monday through Thursday at the same times.

I am wondering how do I get more people to join my streams, interact, subscribe to me and keep coming back ?

I do believe my comedic/rage gameplay with my dope unique and engaging personality is easily attatchable to an audience. The only question is...

How do I find them?
The main purpose of this forum is for members to learn about YouTube and learn how to grow a YouTube channel. I recommend reading through some of the tutorials and articles created by members:

"How to grow" questions are regularly asked at YTtalk, and since we have a sub-forum dedicated to trying to answer those questions, the individual threads asking these same questions are locked.

Many members have found a way to grow a successful channel and have shared their ideas on the forum. There isn't a known secret formula to YouTube success, but you can increase your chances of success if you are honest with yourself about your videos, research about the YouTube algorithm, look into your channel's analytics, read articles about YouTube, and analyze similar channels that have found success.

I wish you the best! :)
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