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  1. Kevin Gamez

    There are some really CRAZY PEOPLE on Omegle!!!!!

    Omegle Encounters | Oh People!!! EP.3
  2. V

    Partnership for Funny Video

    I have a 50k subs and about 60k views per day using other people contents. I am looking for partners who are in funny video niche to provide original contents so that we can profit share on the adsense revenues.
  3. JUN6L3

    How to Grow From 11 Subs?

    So I currently have 11 followers on my streaming channel, JUN6L3. I have a set schedule for certain games Monday through Thursday at the same times. I am wondering how do I get more people to join my streams, interact, subscribe to me and keep coming back ? I do believe my comedic/rage...
  4. JUN6L3

    2 Week Old Streaming Channel. Where do I promote?

    So I currently have 11 followers on my streaming channel, JUN6L3. I have a set schedule for certain games Monday through Thursday at the same times. I am wondering how do I get more people to join my streams, interact, subscribe to me and keep coming back ? I do believe my comedic/rage...
  5. SpitItOutProductions

    Office Drama Miniserie

    What's up guys! I'm fairly new here, but I'm hoping to be here for a while and help you guys grow! At the moment, my production company is starting out and we're shooting a miniserie called "Two Guys At Work". I'd like to know if you got any funny ideas, stories that you've experienced or can...
  6. ATM Nation


  7. curtis o'keeffe

    Breaking A World Record! | Vlog 2

  8. Courtney Candice

    Trolling people on tinder

  9. Courtney Candice

    Mcr conspiracy theories

  10. SiR BANKSalot

    Gaming Looking for people to play and record with on Xbox one

    Nearly 2K subs, need friends to play with that make videos, mainly play COD, Rocket League, GTA, Red Dead Redemption (will play almost any game especially with friends)
  11. Palooza Pizza

    "Made for Men" -comedy rap song

    Back from hiatus with a topical comedy song. Hope you like it! any feedback is appreciated!
  12. C

    I happy for my first 100 subscribers

    My name's Christian and I'm a baby youtuber. Yesterday I reached my first 100 subscribers to my toys channel on youtube. I'm very happy and I hope to grow and become famous on youtube.
  13. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking for Youtube collaboration long-term partners!

    We are KOTCH (Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts) and we are 5 friends that work on this channel. Our content consist of funny moments, let's plays, vlogs, guides, horror games, gears of war, gmod, and plenty more! We have 155 subs if that matters, but your subscriber count does not matter to us...
  14. E

    Gaming I want to creat a channel with someone

    Hi. I want to creat a youtube channel with someone. We can post on the channel our own videos and videos that we make playing together. I know you maybe think that why would you makr a channel with someone when you can do it alone but I think it's interesting when a channel has variety and it's...
  15. Emanuel Gutierrez


    Hello everyone! I am a gaming youtube, I am looking for some serious dedicated YouTubers to collaborate and record with funny Lets Plays (long-term). I currently only have 2752 subs. (RESPOND TO THIS THREAD WITH ALL OF THE INFORMATION IN ORDER). The Requirements: I would prefer to collaborate...
  16. javacentral

    Coffee Samurai Review/Interpretation

    This was a super weird anime that I had to make my own interpretation of it. Let me know what ya think!
  17. Ataviro


    Hey my names Ataviro and i am looking for people to record with. I already record with 2 other youtubers regularly and we are looking to spread are ground and bring in more cool people that enjoy YouTube and ARE ACTIVE THIS IS A BIG ONE. as you might notice on my channel we all have good mics...
  18. Sneezy_bih

    100 subscribers!!!!!!!

    I've been on YouTube for 4 months and finally, FINALLY I hit 100 subscribers!!! 1k is the next mile stone!! Leh go!!
  19. JOLAtheCOLA

    Our comedy channels review!

    Me and my partner in crime have worked on these videos for almost 6 months! Now at last we have finally launched our channel! Please help us! Could you give us your opinion about our first video? - Was the story good? - Did our video make you laugh? - How was the quality? Here is our video...
  20. gerard loughran

    Would love an open minded review! always trying to be better.

    if you have a free minute would love a review on my channel, what you think of the content and banner and thumbnails etc.. love making videos and have a great laugh doing it, and just want whoever visits my page to enjoy it just as much thank you :)
  21. Mandi at Random

    Things That Lazy People Do

    subscribe if ya like the video!
  22. GarciasWorld

    New FAMILY GAMING Channel - New to Youtube - Advice Welcome!

    Sup! My name is Kate and I have started a gaming channel with my three kids. My husband is also a gamer & new youtuber. Except he plays more first person shooting games. My kids and I play Roblox, minecraft, and more. I am just looking for ideas to branch out, what new games are out there...
  23. ZavNation

    YO, All kinds of comedy gaming :D!

    How ya guys doing on this fine morning with a hint of taco sauce. I have no idea what the heck that means so rip. Anyways I just share my funny moments in games that I caught while recording luckily!! If you guys are looking for new channels to watch, then drop by and take a ganda :D~ As...
  24. Choco Berry Gaming

    GTA 5 (Funny Moments /Mario Mod): Mario plays GTA 5!

    What's up guys! Welcome back with another GTA 5 video. This time I'm using Mario Mod :D and I had a great fun to make this video.
  25. KantoGaming

    Making ugly Sims. What have I done?

    I have a silly video where I torture sims by making them look the worst that I can, and I have a lot of laughs doing it.
  26. McDoogle

    Gaming Dead By Daylight Group!

    I'm looking for a group of friends to play/record funny moments with on Dead By Daylight. I am 18, my channel name is McDoogleBerryFinn. Requirements are: Must Be 16+ or No Squeaker Voices Sub count doesn't matter! I Swear A Lot xD No Ragers(Must Have Fun)
  27. ShizGodsu

    Halo 5 Channel

    Hi, I recently started back on my Halo 5 channel mostly because I've been putting in time to learn how to edit videos and using this as an advantage. If you all could check me out that would be great! MY LATEST VIDEO: EDIT: The...
  28. Rocky


    i just hit my first 100 views and wow it feels amazing even though it seems little I look at that as an accomplishment and hopefully I could make it even with my subscribers ! Push harder guys because I believe dreams do come true !
  29. Frankie95


    Hellp, My name is Faisal, my channel is FrankobizTV. I'm looking to collab with someone who is also as determined as I am on Youtube. I have an idea for a prank in which I believe has never been done before on youtube. I will not be talking about the idea publicly here but I am willing to...
  30. Foorson

    DOOM Part 13 | GETTING CLOSER...

    OK K.O! Demons will never learn that they just can't win... I will be still kicking their asses back to hell stupyd demonas!