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  1. Foorson

    DOOM Part 12 | OVER 9000!

    OK K.O! Guys...we have FOUND IT! and the power level is over 9000! Bye Bye demons ;________; Join the adventure today!
  2. Frankie95

    Comedy Collab... 100+ subs

    I'm looking to collab with someone around my area in San Diego or perhaps LA(not quite keen). Basically I make videos similar to that of Joe Sugg's, Caspar Lee, Oli White....etc but I'm not english. I've only started like 3 months ago and since summer is coming up I'd like to expand my youtube...
  3. MoonandBeyond

    Chapstick and a Scary Bird

  4. Malachichi

    Looking for honest feedback on my channel! :p

    Hey guys! I'd love some feedback on channel. Mainly on how my videos are edited, thumbnails, and if they are enjoyable to watch. Much appreciated everybody! Thanks!
  5. Frankie95


    Helloooo, I just started youtube and I have like 56 subs. I made a couple of videos so far because I started like 8 days ago or so, but each of my two videos have reached a 100+ views on the first day of their uploads. I am not boasting I'm just saying that I really take the quality of my videos...
  6. NickMD

    Reacting to Kid Ink's new album #SitW

    YOOOO WHAT'S UP PEOPLE :P I just posted this video and hopefully you enjoy this don't forget to subscribe and like !! :wavespin::wavespin:
  7. Decimate

    Fellow YouTube Gamer.

    Hello there, my name is Nathaniel or Decimate. I work hard everyday to make videos on YouTube, and I'm five videos ahead of schedule. I will continue to work hard because I love it and it's fun. I upload every 2 or 3 days. I do it because I love to see what people think of my videos, and...
  8. Challenge this

    Other looking to collab or even feature your/any channel

    Hi guys we are a funny eating challenge channel who eats crazy foods like worlds hottest pepper, blend 200 warheads, eat wasabi cupcakes ect and we are looking for a collab. If you don't have an eating challenge channel then no worries because we will feature JUST ABOUT ANYONE on our channel...
  9. O

    Favorite animation videos on YT?

    Hi I am doing fun cartoon animation videos with minecraft figures and just want to ask you what you usually watch of animation videos on YT? (if you watch anyone at all) Please fell free to provide me your feedback on my newest christmas animation video as well :) it took me very long time and...
  10. VGNoxious

    Gaming VGNoxious_

    I am VGNoxious_ I used to have a channel called VGNoxious and I used to have 6,000 subs. I had a lot of fun making videos and laughing around with friends, and everything was going good until one day I went into my account and my entire thing was deleted. It was disappointing because I don't...