I really like your avatar and banner! Did you make those yourself? Your Gmod thumbnails look really great to me actually. Suggestion though for the other thumbnails: Look at how other people have their thumbnails for the same games that you plan on upload. Don't copy them, but notice like what is eye catching about them, and what is distracting. Your main goal with the thumbnail is for it to be simple and easy to tell what the video is. Maybe make a channel preview video specificly for that home page? I don't have one really, but those seem to make a channel seem more pulled together as well. Just something quick that shows off your personality and what you do with your channel. Overall your channel is put together pretty well. Just keep up the great work, and always try and improve :)
Thank you! I did not make them but I designed them :p. Thanks for the feedback!! I completely understand what you're talking about. I thought the same thing. Thanks again! Good luck out there !! XD