1. V3nom4k

    I need a review of my channel and videos!

  2. SheepDreams

    Honest Review?

    Hello name's Sheepy. Been gone from my channel for a few months but started in like late 2017. Anyways I consider myself a comedy channel. Most of my content is gaming, music videos and rants/storys. Through my own style of "animation". I'm looking for some new eyes too see what i can improve...
  3. huskieboo

    Gaming Looking For People To Create Montages with.

    Hello! My name is huskieboo and i'm looking for some chill people to play with, who are somewhat good at fortnite so we can play together.
  4. SoccerBrosTv

    Best Editor for Montages?

    Hey guys, Couple of our members are gamers and I'm one of their editors... I was looking to see what editor is best for Montages except any Adobe or Sony Vegas programs. Any helpful programs? Thank you.
  5. I


    Hey guys. Got no time to explain but just need friends and funny/creative peeople for cod ww2. Im trying to make cod ww2 funny videos like vanoss did in bo2 back in 2012-2013. Mostly to mess around and get things like funny killcams, kills, deaths, montages and anything funny whether it requires...
  6. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for youtube collab partners on PC

    Hey all. I am looking for people to record content with doesn't matter what kind just as long as it is fun and interesting for us to record and grow our channels. All that I ask is you to use discord and have a decent mic. I don't believe in a subscriber limit so all are welcome. If interested...
  7. Humor Hub

    First Official Video! Need Feedback!

    Hey guys! Our group just released our first video and we are very proud of it. However, we still know that we can still approve from here so we would like any honest feedback if you can give us guys any Thanks!
  8. JayyDaGawd

    Welcome to my channel!

    Hello everybody! My name is Jason or JayyDaGawd and i have a gaming youtube channel. I post Call of Duty gameplay/commentary and sometimes i tell crazy stories that have happened in my life. I am just 17 years old and love making youtube videos. I am going to attach a video to this thread if...
  9. BO4KOGaming

    New Gaming Channel with funny,epic, adventure and serious videos! (Battlefield 4, Trine 3 for now )

    Hello everyone! I already introduce myself to the Introduce section and I am "new" to this one! I love making funny,epic and serious montages on FPS or cooperative games and these are some of my videos you can find in my channel,but I have serious problems with the traffic flow.Please help me...
  10. TheOGDelo_

    Gaming Looking For a Funny collab

    Hello guys I am OG Delo with pack of alphas and we are currently looking for people to collab with on XBOX ONE. We Play a lot of destiny, Black OPS 3 and GTA5. We will be playing Tom Clancy The Division when it releases. We are not yet that known on youtube but hopefully will be soon. The goal...
  11. AuthRising

    Need feedback

    Hey, We're a Call Of Duty team that bring Sniping,trickshotting episodes and montages we would like to get more feedback on our channel so we can make improvements in the future. We are also looking for recruits for our next big project Authentic 3! Team channel: TeamAuthenticPS4
  12. Malachichi

    Looking for honest feedback on my channel! :p

    Hey guys! I'd love some feedback on channel. Mainly on how my videos are edited, thumbnails, and if they are enjoyable to watch. Much appreciated everybody! Thanks!
  13. WilBajamas

    Are Montages considered as Let's Play???

    Hey there guys, I just wanted to ask if Montages are considered as a Let's Play video??? I seriously have no idea, I hope that you guys can help me to get this problem out of my head, thanks a lot and Happy Halloween Peeps!!~~