Gaming Anyone from the Philippines? I'm looking for a youtuber/streamer to collab with. :)))


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Hey guys! I started a week ago and currently a very small youtube (with 60 subs) Youtube name is CheezyCrust.

I am looking for a filipino youtuber/ streamer or any person to collab/ play with. I can speak both english and tagalog (which is our first language). I play a variety of games, from FPS, survival, indie games or anything! I do alot of jokes. Speaking of jokes, I mean dark humors, you know what I mean. =))) and I talk a lot and laugh a lot so I'm so sorry in advance. lmao

I'm looking forward to play with you guys! And grow our channel together and make awesome content! If you're interested, you can message me or comment. or you can add me in discord. CheezyCrust#5180

Thank you guys and have an awesome day ahead!