1. M

    Gaming Starting a channel for podcasts, gaming, and reactions!

    Hey, whats up everyone. My name is Mellish I am looking for a 4th person for a podcast, we will be talking about pretty much anything. Also looking for more people to record gameplay with on Minecraft, Gmod, gta, cold war, warzone, valhiem, pubg, ark, and more. For the Podcast, please have a...
  2. P

    Gaming Gaming collab group

    Looking to get back into uploading, need 3-4 people 18+ that can be on consistently and have fun without overdoing it. I have xbox and pc, alot of games of each, if interested message me on xbox (gt: pineappleman)
  3. M

    Gaming Looking for gaming colab

    Hi, I've had around three channels in the past with only one being semi successful, I decided to put all my dedication into one channel now and keep it that way, Meteor YT, I'm looking for a group colab for Minecraft Bedrock, Ark or ESO and I'm happy to take other suggestions, I'm 16, from...
  4. STAYFLY349

    Gaming xbox one collab

    I would love to have a youtube collab on xbox one. For now I am focusing on 7 days, red dead redemption 2 and ark. My main two focuses are mainly ark and 7 days to die. Anyone who is interested please send me your gamertag. I try to keep my youtube video curse free. I said "try" I know...
  5. Jammy951

    Gaming PC gaming group

    I am Jammy951, I am looking for more people to join a collaboration group that is already established. Games we play are a mixture; Ark Conan Rocket League Minecraft and so on.... We have a group of 70+ members and are looking for more active members so be able to hold our own comps ect. All...
  6. XenithDragon

    Ark Survival Devolved (My Full Review)

  7. TheLegendaryUltimata

    Gaming Sponsored Gaming Series!

    Hey, Guys! I have amazing news! I have been working with the amazing support at . These guys are amazing. We actually became great friends outside of talking about my server. If you guys don't know who they are. They basically host private servers for games like Minecraft...
  8. The_Laughing_Ghost

    Gaming ARK PC | Looking for a colab partner

    I am on PC and on a unoffical server. I have an extensive base set up and would like to find some one to work with I have a Private server and am thinking about starting a new series so we could start out on a fresh game or if you want to we can continue on the server I have been playing on...
  9. N

    Gaming Looking for a crew on pc and xbox one

    Hi i am 15 years old and just made a youtube channel i am looking for people to collabe with long term that are fun to play with and can be entertaining we can work together and help each other to grow and shout each other out in videos please be 14+ have a decent mic and get online regularly...
  10. Yodysseus IV

    Pooptopia - Annunaki Genesis

    Welcome to Pooptopia, Come join our crazy adventure and hang on for the ride! If you want to become a Pooptopian just let us know :D Season 3 Opener::
  11. KrazyCries

    Gaming ARK Survival Evolved Server

    Looking for an ARK survival evolved server, family friendly and kid friendly language that is active and records together for YouTube or Streams. Thanks My YouTube is KrazyCries
  12. M

    Gaming Youtube PC Gaming Collab (Variety of Games like CSGO and Ark Survival)

    Looking for other PC gamers to make videos , in a completely fresh channel but have had successful channels within the past just wanted to start again as it was from a while back .I can play a wide variety of games like CSGO and Ark Survival and will be posting regularly aswell (Every other day)...
  13. Wolfywolfminecraft

    Gaming PC Collaboration :D

    Hi my names wolfy/wolfywolfminecraft and im looking for some fellow youtubers out there who would like to collab :D There are some requirements but not many :) 1. Good microphone (Please have a good mic it would help ALOT) 2. Most people say so and so amount of subs but as long as your content...
  14. T

    Gaming Collab Channels For Funny Moments And More. (PC)

    Hey ! My name is Nicco. I'm 17 years old and really like uploading videos on YouTube. I'm a serious YouTuber (not leaving) and i'm looking for people to collab and make both our experience and the audience's experience more enjoyable. I play on PC. Requirements: A decent microphone. A started...
  15. RelentlessAchiever

    Gaming Looking to collaborate Rocket League PC and other games...

    Hi there. I'm Relentless Achiever or just Relentless and I am looking for 1 or 2 experienced players to play and record rocket league. I am currently ranked challenger 1 div 5. Here's why I would like team with some people, in my last game that I lost I had a total score of 860. my team mate...
  16. Titanshield Gaming

    Plagiarism of my Advanced PVP Base Design series.

    Hey folks, I just wanted to get some input on what I can do or at least know for the plagiarism of a series I have been working on for the last few months. I have been working on interesting and widely unknown building mechanics in a game called Ark: Survival Evolved. In this series I show...
  17. SwanwickLP

    Gaming Looking for people to play with

    Hey guys! My name is SwanwickLP and I have just recently started making youtube videos. Here is a little bit about me: I am 14 years old and live in Chicago. I was wondering if there were any smaller minecraft or Ark: Survival Evolved servers that were willing to take me in? Thanks guys! Just...
  18. L

    Ark Survival Episode 5 - Epic Boat Trip....Get's Serious

    Hey Guys Luna here, Today I bring you Episode 5 in the on-going quest for survival in ARK: Survival. This week brings us the danger's of the sea's and the beasts that stalk the depths! "Advice Welcome" Please be sure to like, comment and subscribe :D If you have any advice please let me know.
  19. ClassyFella

    Gaming Just Starting Out! (Xbox One) & (PC)

    I have recently started a new Youtube gaming channel, I currently have 8 subs and 6 videos. I am looking to make videos with other youtubers that want to record. I have both an Xbox One and a gaming PC. Some games I have include: -PC: Minecraft, Garry's Mod, CS:GO, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2...
  20. GamingwithNick

    ARK: Survival Evolved Funny Moment