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Hey, whats up everyone. My name is Mellish I am looking for a 4th person for a podcast, we will be talking about pretty much anything. Also looking for more people to record gameplay with on Minecraft, Gmod, gta, cold war, warzone, valhiem, pubg, ark, and more. For the Podcast, please have a good podcast microphone, be 18 or older, a webcam, and have a quiet background. For gaming, just have a good micophone and be able to play at least weekly. Podcast will be recorded weekly as well. Join the Discord Here and ask Mellish or Relf about joining us. thank you!
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we didnt end up doing it but let me know if you do it! I wanna join you!
Yeah, we're still looking for a third guy on my upcoming podcast!

We're looking for people who meet the following criteria:

1. Willing to accept dissenting opinons. Able to have a debate without arguing. Able to argue their points objectively without delusionally believing that being objective in their arguments does not equate to being objectively right. In other words, nobody who Creetosis is on friendly terms with.

2. Able to keep a schedule. That doesn't mean "be present for every single weekly podcast, come hell or high water." The whole reason I want to have three regulars (I currently have two: Myself and one other) in the first place is so that, if one of us can't make it to the weekly podcast for one reason or another, the remaining two will still be able to have a conversation with each other and do the podcast that way. When I say "ability to keep a schedule," I just mean that said instances will be few and far between.

3. Good sense of humor and ability to improvise. This will be a live podcast, after all.

4. Keen eye for detail in games and video game news stories.

5. Super-small Youtube channel or Twitch following, aka the kind of guy who would leap at the opportunity to do a regular collab with us.

6. Wide variety of tastes in games. For example, I absolutely detest FPS games. I'm also not a fan of survival horror (though my dislike of them doesn't go to the same extremes as shooter games). But I love the hell out of RPGs (especially ones with good stories), platformers, puzzle games, and strategy games. I consider myself as having a medium range of tastes in games. Having a regular who has a similarly wide range of tastes in games would give us a lot of disucssion fodder to make episdoes with.

Do you think you can meet those criteria?
5. Super-small Youtube channel or Twitch following, aka the kind of guy who would leap at the opportunity to do a regular collab with us.

Finally I found my calling!

But really, I may be interested but I would need some more details if a spot is still available (do I get bonus points for being desperate enough to be the back up guy!?)