google adsense

  1. GlobalDayz


    Can anyone tell me if it's common for youtube to remove ads from preexisting vids & stop placing ads on new vids even while the green $ monetized icon is next to the videos?? Why would they do this & how do I fix it..I've sent feedback etc & still no ads...I've uploaded new content that's ultra...
  2. GlobalDayz

    Views & RPM fall after copyright strike

    DO COPYRIGHT STRIKES AFFECT TRAFFIC & ADSENSE RPM'S?? I have gone from a $1 minimum rpm to .50 almost immediately after receiving my 1st copyright strike in addition to the 1 community guideline strike I already had..In addition I was averaging $100 /day minimum for the first 15 days of...
  3. G

    Why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?

    I just got 800.000 views on a youtube video, but I have only earned 50 dollars, because over half of the viewers are using Adblock. So, my question is, why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?? Thanks in advance
  4. Koda James

    I lost my old channel, can I still make money?

    I had an old YouTube channel, but I lost it. So I don't know if I can monetize my videos again. If I do, will they automatically delete my channel or will they accept me? Also, I'm pretty sure I can join a network if I wanted to monetize my videos even though I can't do it via Google Adsense...

    I just applied for monetization. Any tips for beginners?

    Hey guys, I've been doing youtube for 2 weeks now and I applied monetization for a few days on my channel. I can see how much a video makes on this google adsense link but I have a no idea what most of the terms mean they use. Can someone experienced give me a little advice on what to consider...
  6. 5chan

    How to leave the Freedom! network and make sure we're good with AdSense...

    1. My channel is currently with the Freedom! network and I'd like us to leave them and switch over to Google AdSense. From what I've been told, leaving Freedom! isn't very hard yet I don't know how to do it. If anyone has, please, point me in the right direction on where to begin. 2. Four years...
  7. abdellatif

    i have 3 channels linked to the same adsense and i want to join fullscreen

    hi guys i have 3 channels (1 has 30.000 subs / 2 has 1750 subs / 3 has 560 subs) i want to link the channel which has 30.000 subs with fullscreen, and i'm wandering if i link this channel with fullscreen, am i still can uploade videos to other channels and receive my payment from adsense, and...
  8. Adeelcool

    Using pictures from google images

    Can I get a copyright strike from using a picture from google images?
  9. Dem

    Getting paid for two channels on the same account

    Hey! I own 2 channels on my account and both of them are verified youtube partners. When I visit my adsense page, is there any way to see the channels that my email owns and if I'm getting paid for both of them? I'm saying this because even though I've earned 5k views on my second channel and...
  10. SeanFace101

    Does Google Pay Well?

    My channel / account has the monetizing video not allowed so i was wondering how well they actually pay channel owners for the ads they display on their videos? :P Got me wondering how much i could have earned. :P Also, would you say Google pays better than other services that pay you to...