How to leave the Freedom! network and make sure we're good with AdSense...


1. My channel is currently with the Freedom! network and I'd like us to leave them and switch over to Google AdSense. From what I've been told, leaving Freedom! isn't very hard yet I don't know how to do it. If anyone has, please, point me in the right direction on where to begin.

2. Four years ago, we tried using Google AdSense on our website but they revoked us because our literary content was questionable and in the end ruled by Google to not be appropriate for AdSense's uses. How can I check to see if my AdSense account is back on good standing with Google, especially since now my website is just purely a YouTube channel? To be honest, I don't remember what Google account we even used for AdSense, so if it's our current one that we use for YouTube, we might be in the clear. However, I just want to play it safe and double check it all.