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  1. Brettinator

    How To Start Your Channel

    Hey! I just made my channel recently and I already know what I want to do (weekday vlogs, with a special video, not vlog related every other week(I already have some scripts written out)). But I'm too afraid to start... My main concern is that I won't be able to be consistent or I will forget to...
  2. Ninselic

    Gaming Hardcore survivalish games, fresh collaboration channel

    I am planning to create a collaboration channel of games with hardcore gameplay (aka, the games that allow for runs with only one life and your out). The games I'm currently thinking of are: "Terraria, Minecraft, Diablo III, Baldur's gate" and similar games. I'm a fairly new channel myself so...
  3. Henry Sierra


    Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a GRAPHIC story time video that I filmed with friend and I'm going to do Vlogmas! Check out today's video and subscribe for more uploads :)
  4. Rossiter740

    1st attempt at channel art and thumbnails... thoughts?

    hi all, just updated my thumbnails and recently my channel art... i have 0 experience with photoshop and graphic design, so i know they can be better.... but will they suffice? i have debated on outsourcing this to a pro but with my small amount of subscribers, idk if i want to invest... as...
  5. RetroMania

    Epic Classic DOOM Nostalgia Playthrough

    What is up guys, I just started a youtube gaming series where I'm playing DOOM with "brutal doom mod" just to make things more gory :sneaky2: my channel is mainly about retro games like Duke Nukem 3D, DOOM, Heretic, Star Wars and different stuffs, for now I've just uploaded some classic shooter...
  6. The Cherrii Family

    Anyone in Fl want to collab?

    Hey, I am new to Youtube and would love to collab with other Y outube channels. We currently have 291 subscribers and are a family channel. We post VLOGS, Pranks, Challenges, and other random videos. Anyone interested?
  7. Darren Taylor

    UK YouTubers, do you prioritise the US?

    Hi YouTubers! I am a UK based YouTuber and I started about 10 weeks ago. I started my YouTube channel as a platform to launch a business, however I am seeing people from the US are much more engaged than my UK people :( Does anybody else find this? I get that the US is significantly bigger...
  8. Pierre Maynard

    Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Cover)

    SO FINALLY FINALLY! Any of you a fan of Ed Sheeran, check out my new Cover song i did on his new Album Divide - song Perfect I want each and everyone one of you to share with everyone joking ;) But seriously if you like what you see then share and also subscribe to my new channel Pierre...
  9. Kaytonix

    Wanting honest opinions on my channel!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kaytonix! I'm currently creating pokemon and sims 4 content! My channel just shy of being a month old! I would really love some honest feed back on my videos! Is the content entertaining? Are the thumbnails attention grabing? Anything I need to improve on? Thank you so...
  10. B

    AdSense - why need a website?

    Hey you guys I'm new here, so sorry if this thread doesn't really belong here... We're planning on starting a YouTube channel. We already invested in a vlogging camera and shot and edited a video (it's not uploaded yet) and totally love doing it and create content! It takes a lot of time and...
  11. dweebie

    How to grow a channel with little social media presence.

    So I've been creating content for about two months now, sticking to a schedule of one every other week and trying to create content that isn't garbage. I'm not sure how long it takes to actually see growth, but thus far I'm seeing very little. After two months I've got a total view count of...
  12. Kaytonix

    3 videos and 30 subs!

    I honestly didn't think I would be posting a milestone so quickly, but here we are! I posted my first video last Thursday and now 3 videos total and I've hit 33 subs! I know its not much...but I really hope to keep this level of growth going! :)
  13. nicktv1

    New YouTube channel?

    Hello everyone, my name is Nick and I am content creator on YouTube channel with 28k subscribers. I am recording on my native language (Serbian), but I want to make another channel for global audience. My english is not perfect but I am sure everyone can undersant what I am talking about, even...
  14. Marcello Riviera

    Growing your channel using analytics?

    There are countless threads on here which suggest that the best way to grow your channel is through online marketing technique such as Search Engine Optimisation using Keyword tagging e.c.t. but hardly anyone ever looks at the importance of doing your RESEARCH! I feel like the best way to...
  15. J

    Do I need to start a new channel for new content?

    Hello, I have been working steady on my gaming channel for about a year now, and nearly 120 videos later I am considering getting into tech content, making reviews, unboxing etc. My gaming channel is only console gameplay, and my tech videos I plan to make are gonna be related to console. Like...
  16. ThumbMuscles

    Finally back after a LONG break, thoughts of my newest video?

    Hello everyone I'm finally back to the grind after a long break due to school and family related business. I want to start frequently uploading (2-3 times a week) and see how far I can take this thing. In my past videos I've had bad audio issue where I sound bad and loud then quiet, etc. I feel...
  17. Coolishsum

    A new gaming channel!!

    Hey guys, i'm Coolishsum, and i just started a gaming channel and would appreciate any support. I will primarily be playing games with friends and single player horror games. I play only on Xbox but might play some smaller pc games. I mostly plan on playing Overwatch, Battlefield one, Outlast...
  18. Heather White

    Arm Workout With Dumbbells For Women & Men

    Hey, ladies! Don't wait to have your summer body when the season is over. A lot of women neglect toning up their arms because they don't want to get big. Seriously, our bodies are not made like men so you have nothing to worry about. We don't have the amount of growth hormones and testosterone...
  19. Mr.FloodWater

    Request In need of Banner and Avatar please (Free)

    hi I'm Floodwater and I'm in desperate need of a Banner and Avatar! My channel is growing pretty nice now that I have taken it seriously but I have no channel art! Would love it if somone could make a banner and avatar for me. Hit me up so we can discuss the deets! Thank you!
  20. Heather White

    5000+ Views!

    My channel hit over 5000 views! I'm so excited to be half way to the 10K mark. Any tips on how to increase my growth? Will brands be more interested in working with me once I cross the threshold? Thanks for your support you guys!
  21. MikeSchimm

    Should I Make a New Channel?

    I have been considering making a new channel for a while now. I want to make one that doesn't involve me getting out as much and being able to do more stuff at home. Should I? Any suggestions<?
  22. Archieonic

    84 subs / 5000 total views in my first month

    Hey everyone! Nothing really impressive but it sure made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. From what I've seen, Youtube channels in my niche (gaming) and perhaps all are this way, they seem to be like snowballs. Once it gets rolling it starts getting bigger and bigger, and the biggest struggle...
  23. Heather White

    First 100 Subscribers!

    Much Thanks To My Amazing Support & Love. I hit my first 100 subscribers on my channel. Just wanted to check in if anyone was interested to see a small channel like myself grow! Slowly, but steadily. <3
  24. ColdCoastGaming

    First 2 Weeks - Would Love Some Feedback

    Hey guys, So my channel has been up for just under 2 weeks and I guess at this point I'm just looking for general feedback on the channel and on my content. How's my commentary? Am I striking a good balance between gameplay commentary and general banter? Is the channel art ok for now? Do the...
  25. Heather White

    Summer 2017 Vlog|Ep. 1

    First Day Of Summer Vlog. Get To Know Me & Daily Routine. Dogs, sweat, food, & a few thoughts on intermittent fasting. I hope you enjoy! If you love it, don't forget to share and subscribe. I upload fitness tips, workouts, and recipes twice a week on my channel. You can also follow me on...
  26. L

    To start a 2nd channel or not? Need Advice

    I've been on youtube a few years and I've got over 55k subs, but my channel since the beginning (apart from very few videos that didn't perform as well) has always been about wrestling games and talking about wrestling over the WWE games. I've been wanting to post up different content...
  27. Derrick Toys

    How to see what made a video successful?

    Hi all! I have 11 videos right now with one Chuckie Cheese vlog doing very well at 700k views. My other videos are average 3k to 700 views. How can I see what made this one video do so well (tags, keywords, etc.) I know analytics but not sure how to work it yet. What are your strategies to...
  28. Freddie Hill

    Best way to make money if you're a small/new channel

    Become an affiliate for a company, this means in simple terms that you get to select links from a company such as amazon for example and share these links so every time someone clicks and purchases the product from your link you receive 1-10% of the revenue. Go check out Amazon Affiliates, I've...
  29. QuestinBooty

    Which content would you want to see?

    Hello guys! I have been trying to make up my mind about starting a YouTube channel once again and I just don't know... I have started a channel and uploaded some videos almost exactly one year ago. I've stopped because of some personal issues. Now I've got the time to do it again and would...
  30. Its_Errelevant

    The Horizon Zero Dawn Playlist [ 10 episodes ]

    Had a lot of fun playing the game. All 10 videos have been done for some time now but i thought i would post them here as well. Check them out and i hope you enjoy.