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  1. M

    New channel concept - should I delete old videos?

    Hey everyone! I started my channel about 3 months ago and I made the mistake of setting tight deadlines for myself... I even made a few videos saying I'd post every week or two, but now I realize that a video takes me longer to plan and make than just a week and I just don't have as much time...
  2. GoldenBeezy

    Request New Vlog Channel | Channel Art, Intro & Outro | Needed

    Hey there everybody, I'm a new YouTuber who plans to do vlogs and who will be talking about things going on in the YouTube community and the world with clips of gameplay in the background. I suppose, in some sense, you could call me a "Leafy wannabe" haha. Please find in the Spoilers below the...
  3. CatTagz

    Just started a brand new gaming channel - feedback please?

    Hi there I'm Leo or CatTagz and only 2 days ago I started a brand new channel with the main topic being gaming. I mainly do gaming lets plays and funny montages and the games I have uploaded by the time of writing this is Goat Simulator and Terraria on Xbox 360. I have been doing YouTube for...
  4. E

    Big effort on my first video = no views? What are my mistakes?

    Hi <3 this is my first post here straight off There are many phone concepts videos, some gets many views even if they are only a slideshow. My channel is totally new so it's expected to have little views even if i upload a good video , but what's not expected is to have almost no views/subs...
  5. E

    New Channels and What People Want

    To start this off, about a year ago I started my YouTube channel, which I use to upload music by underground / up-and-coming hip-hop artists. I recently learned some video editing basics for more professional looking artwork for uploads and upload much more frequently now (Am at around 70...
  6. B

    Channel Feedback Please :3

    Hey guy's I'd just love some fresh scrumptious feedback on my channel! ;D It's still pretty new
  7. LegallyBlack

    Comedy Anyone down to collaborate and build a friendship?

    I just recently restarted my channel with my buddy and we would like to expand our YouTube opportunities by collaborating with you guys! It would be great if we could grow together. I think if we get a bunch of small YouTubers with similar channels we can all help each other greatly and rise in...
  8. K

    What would you like to see?

    Hi im kelsey i started youtube about a year ago and i just decided to redo my whole channel. Im doing a beauty channel and id like some advice on what you guys would like to see. I only have two videos right now from my previous channel but i want to grow with videos people actually want to...
  9. Waddupimsamm

    Feedback please? Posting daily

    I've been posting daily vids for a little over a week now, I need some advice on how to make my channel grow or if my thumbnails and channel art are okay, you can kik me at Rauhlingablunt if you wanna be friends or exchange reviews of each others channels. I'm trying really hard to grow and...
  10. S

    In Need For a Review of the "New" Channel!

    Hi guys! I kinda recently made a channel called, Stoveron. I was looking for some feedback to see what I could improve upon. I was looking for feedback on anything and everything, such as channel art, videos, thumbnails, commentary, etc. Thank you for the time :) (NOTICE: I TOOK A BREAK DUE TO...
  11. martingray360

    60,000 views in one month - question

    Hey guys, Early in august I had a creative idea for channel, first 3-4 videos didn't have a lot of traction, but early September it seems to took off. First week ended with 5000 views, next grew to almost 10,000 views, later 17,000, and 15,000 weekly. Subscribers reached 180. I have now 20...
  12. CyberunHD

    New Channel Trailer for CyberunHD Gaming

    Hey Guys, Here's my new channel trailer, i got a lot of good feedback from the first trailer i posted a while ago, but most feedback was for adding my comms and a little bit about my self and my channel, so here is the new version, hope you like it and thanks for watching:) again, any feedback...
  13. Next Life TV

    Building a core audience

    i'm new to YouTube and wondering if anyone has advice for building a core audience. For most that view my channel they say they enjoy the content, but im struggling to bring in constant views. In 2 months i have 30 subscribers, and with 10 videos i almost have 1,000 views total. My main source...
  14. TheMAD Nut

    Request Needing an Intro

    Hello I'm looking for someone to make my channel an intro. I am willing to pay but at the limit of $10 usd via paypal (unless you prefer another way). The video in my mind has to do with my channel "TheMad Nut" which is supposed to be goofy yet doesn't go to where it just ruins the comedy. I...