Want to start new channel with vps


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Hello friends, I want to start my another new channel with creative commons video compilation in vps computer. But i am confused if loss my previous channel. If you know about this, please inform me. I am waiting your opinion.

Thank you.
I moved this to the copyright / strikes / legal discussion forum. :) I'm not entirely sure if I understand the question, but if YouTube has terminated a previous account, you are not supposed to create another YouTube account. If they find it and link it to the terminated account, I think they will most likely shut it down, too...
In addition to what @KatyAdelson said...

If you are hoping to monetize a channel based on Creative Commons content, you can forget that right now. Last November, YouTube adopted the AdSense Content Quality Guidelines. What this means for YouTube creators is this:

If you didn't create it from scratch yourself, and also aren't adding significant value to the CC content in some way, YouTube isn't going to monetize it.
VPS is just a type of server, usually used to host a website so I don't understand why you need a webhost to start a YouTube channel?

Or maybe you mean "VPN" (virtual private network) and you are thinking of using a VPN to hide your IP address from Google. Why are you trying to do that?