First Videos Are Up This Week/ Looking for Other Small YouTubers to Befriend

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Hey everyone!

My name is McKenzie, I'm 23-years-old and after years of planning to start a YouTube channel, I've finally started uploading my first videos. Today (technically yesterday, I suppose), I uploaded my "Get to Know Me | "New YouTuber Tag" video, tomorrow's video is, "I Was Almost Arrested Over a Banana | Storytime", and then Friday's video is going to be "Portal to Another Dimension In My House? | Paranormal Storytime".

My channel's content is going to be very eclectic- a mix of Storytimes (comedic/ sad/ paranormal), sketches/parodies, rants, advice videos, and just videos of me talking about whatever interests me.

I'm looking for other small YouTubers with similar channel styles to befriend in the community so that we can help support one another, collaborate, give advice, etc.

If you're interested, respond to this post :)

If you check out my channel, please subscribe. I'm not 100% happy with my videos right now, just because I'm still getting the hang of filming and editing and also not being awkward and nervous speaking to the camera, but once I navigate this learning curve, I know I'm going to be putting out really great content.

I upload every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 12PM (PST)/ 3PM (EST).