young adult

  1. kenziecantdraw

    First Videos Are Up This Week/ Looking for Other Small YouTubers to Befriend

    Hey everyone! My name is McKenzie, I'm 23-years-old and after years of planning to start a YouTube channel, I've finally started uploading my first videos. Today (technically yesterday, I suppose), I uploaded my "Get to Know Me | "New YouTuber Tag" video, tomorrow's video is, "I Was Almost...
  2. lisset

    Vlog Gap year collaboration. gap collab?

    Hey if any of y'all are seniors taking a gap year and want to make it amazing we should get together and form a collab and name it gap year collab full of 17-22 yr olds kinda like O2l etc
  3. thekittykayla

    Vlog Looking to Collab :) (Young Adults)

    Ayye. So I wanna do a collab. It's going to be pretty much "Young Adult Struggles" or something like that. Anyone interested? It'd probably be best if you're at least 19, but 18 could work too if you're out of high school. It'll have pretty much using stating the "struggle" and then a little...