1. M

    Just Started

    Hi everyone. Just released first video in YT where we were out and about in coventry just pranking and asking people awkward questions. Just want to get other people opinions on the first vid. :smilingcute: Link: Thanks in advance. MGTV. :up2:
  2. Dixieee_

    Being a Youtuber when you have roommates..

    Hi guys! So I feel like I have a problem. I really want to work on my channel, but the issue is that I have 2 other roommates. I dont know them, but have of course talked a little with them but they dont know Im doing this. And its very easy to hear through the doors here, so I feel awkward...
  3. Stefanie Davis

    How I felt the last time I went speed dating...

    You know how art imitates life or something like that? Well I went speed dating a couple years ago and decided to make a short film exaggerating how awkward it was. Enjoy!
  4. kenziecantdraw

    First Videos Are Up This Week/ Looking for Other Small YouTubers to Befriend

    Hey everyone! My name is McKenzie, I'm 23-years-old and after years of planning to start a YouTube channel, I've finally started uploading my first videos. Today (technically yesterday, I suppose), I uploaded my "Get to Know Me | "New YouTuber Tag" video, tomorrow's video is, "I Was Almost...
  5. OhioBoundGaming

    Awkward Talking

    Hey, sorry I am new to this but I have been doing youtube since January 2017 but am still awkward talking in front of the camera so will that ever go away?
  6. HeppyG

    Recording = Awkward?!

    Did you guys ever laugh at yourself or feel awkward when recording and talking to yourself? As sometimes I can't help but laugh when I record and my mom/dad walks in and be like ''you okay son?'':bounce::bounce::bounce:
  7. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Grocery shopping! AWKWARD!

  8. Sad-Fo-1

    What was your first video uploaded on YouTube?

    okay.. I haven't seen any thread like this or may be there is I don't thought of starting one. So what was your first video uploaded on YouTube? I know first videos are really awkward and embarrassing. Mine was a recording inside the mini trains in the JFK airport and I uploaded that...
  9. MannyCastro

    Those Awkward Moments

    Well this video was supposed to be released tomorrow but I guess I accidentally scheduled it for today, well I hope you guys check it out and enjoy it
  10. Zach S.

    Para-Normal Bloopers!

    Here we take you behind the scenes of Para-Normal. Be sure to go back and watch the original film. Thanks for watching and please be sure to leave a comment about what you thought about the short film or bloopers. Don't forget to like and subscribe as well :) Thanks! "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin...
  11. CubizFIFA

    Is My Commentary "Awkward"?

    I have been trying to improve commentary to flow better and have less awkward pauses. I would love to get feedback on the commentary in this video, And if you have time, maybe compare it to this old commentary, and see if I have improved? Thank you