Hi everyone!

I'm currently contemplating abandoning my current channel and creating a new one for a few of reasons. First off, I want to start making more videos focused on engineering, college, and tips for high school. As of now, pretty much all of my videos are about fashion or are vlogs. The thing is, I still want to upload fashion videos and vlogs, but I just don't want that to be the focus of my channel.

In addition, there are some videos on my current channel which I don't think are that great. I don't want to delete or private them because although I'm not super proud of them, I don't mind them being out there, but I also don't think I want people seeing them when they click on my current channel. I think some might turn people away. Also, if I want to attract people who are interested in engineering/college videos, I think that having 10 times more fashion videos uploaded may not be very helpful. Then again, the engineering videos may turn away the people who like, let's say, the prom dress video I'm going to upload soon.

One reason why I'm thinking that I shouldn't start a new channel is that despite the fact that I haven't uploaded a video for a few months, I've still been gaining subscribers and recently reached the 300 mark. There must be some videos that are making people want to subscribe that my new channel of course wouldn't have. I'm not sure I want to start from zero again even though my current channel doesn't have many subscribers (and I don't think a lot of my subscribers even watch my videos).

So, I'm wondering, what would you guys recommend? Should I start from scratch or continue uploading to my current, old channel? Thank you for your answers!
I think you still have a low enough number of subscribers to be able to explore other types of videos without too much backlash. If you had thousands of subscribers, yes, I would suggest creating another channel for new content; but in this case I do not think it is necessary.
While you have a low sub count, you do have some high view videos. Your current channel has some SEO power that will help new videos of any kind.

Starting a new channel now is such a HUGE mountain, with the new YPP rules. You can always change your channel page to focus on engineering, and put a few new playlists on top, but still keep your other ones.
Ok, thank you for your replies! I will definitely reconsider starting a new channel. I don't think the new YPP rules will affect me though because it's not my goal to make money off of my channel. Do the rules impact new channels' ability to gain views in addition to money?
Supposedly not, but YT is always very close lipped on those sorts of things. But there is little question a new channel will get fewer views than one with 64k views already. Unless your views are all old, and your channel peaked in the past, then maybe it's a wash.

or why not just announce that you will be changing up the format for the channel, taking a new direction with it. At least maybe a certain % of your followers that like your current content will carry forward to your new style.