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  1. Sketchbook Stories Nova

    Storytime Animation Video Review Request

    Video: Attacked by a stingray (on a nudist beach with my parents ) Feat. Storyteller Adrian Davidson Hi. I just acquired/took over a channel but I’m effectively “starting over” because I’m changing the demographic and the types of stories. It used to be more fake, “actually happened”-style...
  2. Atheno

    What do you think I can improve on?

    I posted a new video thinking that it would be my big break, and it had decent analytics, but it didn't blow up. Could you guys be brutally honest and give constructive criticism? Thanks! Heres the link:
  3. Atheno

    Comedic Vlog/Prank Channel - Let me know what to improve

    Comedic Vlog/Prank Channel - Could someone review my latest video and tell me your honest opinion on it and what I can improve?
  4. javacentral

    Blue cheese as a coffee creamer?

    So what do you think of this weird and kinda gross video? I had way to much fun making it so I know my feelings about it, now I want to know yours!
  5. A

    Review my channel please! - Anonymoose

    Hey guys, I'm Anonymoose and I've recently started a new channel for entertainment and facts about various different things that you may have not known. Obviously I have started out by creating videos about YouTubers beause it is not as oversaturated as countdown videos for random things, and...
  6. ComradeSupreme

    Help Review My Style!

    As the title suggests, I'm trying out a new style for my little montage/cosplay Dark Souls 3 videos. Originally, it was very normal and just shenanigans all around, but, I went a different route. Thus, please give me any criticisms on the video below:
  7. AmeGaming

    Firewatch & Feedback

    My newest episode of my Firewatch series is up. I'd really appreciate some feedback on it, and on the overall series in general, because without feedback we can't grow and try to become better. Looking forward to hearing from you guys, and really all feedback is appreciated, even if you hate...
  8. javacentral

    Mmm Coffee Beer

    So not gonna lie, I didn't think this whole Espresso Stout was gonna work until it did. It was quite tasty and I'd totally get it again. OH and tell me what ya think of the videya too if ya want.
  9. Kecha.L

    I got roasted...

    Please review my newest video! I will give you back a review as well :)
  10. javacentral

    Made some Vietnamese coffee that was amazing!

  11. javacentral

    Weird coffee creamers? Let's try it!

  12. javacentral

    Doing a review series and would love...well your review on it! Will return the favor if you want!

    So I'm doing a series called Review it! Where I review all sorts of coffees and things. I was hoping to see what kind of feedback you all could give me and in return, I can check out your channel as well if you want! Nothing like sharing the love!