1. Willow

    Voice Acting Need someone for voice overs on my history/politics channel

    I'm looking for someone with a good mic and a clear voice for voice overs. I need someone to just read the scripts I write and send me the raw clip. I'll do all the editing, just have a decent mic to record with. I prefer someone who doesn't speak too fast. Pitch and tone of voice doesn't...
  2. Knowledgia

    My Uniques Characters

    Hello community. I am building animated history videos and I created my own characters in photoshop to present some of the historical important men. Do you think this is building my brand? Or is helping me being recognized by many more? Thank you so much community for your time to read this :)
  3. Knowledgia

    Is my channel's art fit for my subject?

    Hello, here is my channel below . I want to ask you, if my channel art and profile are fit for my type of content. I am uploading education materials in History/Geography/etc
  4. Jack Rackam

    History Channel here looking for feedback

    Hello, all! Looking for feedback on my latest video. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out overall. I borrowed a friend's mic and so I was finally able to get good sound quality, a big improvement over my last videos, and I think I slowed down a tad so people could better understand me. I...
  5. Jack Rackam

    Looking for Feedback - Animated video on the Life of Mao Zedong

    Hello, all! Brand new to this forum, looking for some critique on my newest video. Even parts you liked / parts you didn't is helpful for me, since it tells me what kind of things people want to see more of, what jokes worked well, etc. Specifically I'm wondering if the video was clear...
  6. Dickjutsu

    Samurai History Q&A Video(s)

    So we've recently moved from our parent channel to our own channel and are working on rebuilding our subscriber base. An idea passed around was doing some Q&A type videos, possibly on both channels and linking from the (slightly) larger channel to the new channel by giving a preview of some...
  7. javacentral

    Coffee in Japan- Would love any and all feedback!

  8. Dickjutsu

    Animation Samurai History Animation(s)?

    Hello all, I run the Japanese History web series called Samurai Gaiden. I'm looking to do a few highlighted videos through collaboration with a live-action filmer and/or an animator. -Animation- I have a few topics where I'd like to be able to feature animated segment(s) in my videos. These...
  9. Dickjutsu

    Short Film Samurai History Short Skit(s)

    Hello all, I run the Japanese History web series called Samurai Gaiden. I'm looking to do a few highlighted videos through collaboration with a live-action filmer and/or an animator. -Live Action Film- I have a few topics where I'd like to be able to feature filmed 'skit' or segment in my...
  10. javacentral

    History and facts about coffee in India

    So this video was a bit of an experiment for me. I changed up the angles a few times for the first time and I used a title I wasn't originally was planning on. I think that helped me out with my SEO some and hopefully will help get my video out there a bit more. Either way, let me know what ya...
  11. javacentral

    Coffee in Israel

    So I had a guy on my AMA on reddit ask me to do a video on coffee in Israel. I said, heck, sure! Sounds good to me! Let me know whatcha think!
  12. TheOneDieHard

    On This Day in History (August 16th, 2016)

    Ever wondered what happened years ago on this day? Wonder no more!
  13. Hadrian

    300 Subcribers & 25,000 Views

    Hi YTTalk, I've been awful about staying connected to some of the YouTube communities that have shown me love and encouragement throughout this journey so far. Chalk it up to being a busy Ph.D. student in a happy relationship, but nevertheless, this little hobby of mine (and the people I've met...
  14. darkstarmedia

    Saint Patrick's Day: The Facts!

    top o' the morning to ya laddies i hope you like ireland 'cause it's about yo get /real/ irish up in here hoo boy
  15. Hadrian

    Hadrian | Daily Episodes @ Noon & 6p EST | Strategy, Survival, Sci Fi

    Hi all! Hadrian here. My channel is near four months old, and has been running "professionally"—which is to say with daily content, social media support, monetization, and community outreach—for the past two. Have a look at my most recent channel intro: Feedback is welcome on that. On any of...
  16. Hadrian

    Crown of Charlemagne Series | Total War Attila | Episodes 21-23 [Hadrian]

    Hi all, This is my first post to the videos section, and therefore my first post for Crown of Charlemagne. This is a new Let's Play featuring Total War Attila's latest DLC, Age of Charlemagne. If you're not familiar with my channel, I play games with a sense of grand narrative. A lot of...
  17. essencecartoon

    The YouTube History Not Working

    So since YouTube Red rolled out their subscription service my YouTube history is not working. I have tried Google, IE and Firefox as well. No luck. I even tried to test this on my iPhone YouTube app. No luck. Empty Watch history. Looks like people have been reporting this issues for a year...
  18. NWBroadcasting

    My video got 46,000 views!

    Very excited to announce one of my videos took off after another popular channel posted a very similar video with the same keywords :) The video I made is called, Women's Swimsuits Throughout History Now to just get over 500 subscribers, but that's a whole other thread for goals :)