Channel re-branding boundaries

Alex Pota


I have had a conversation with a graphic designer and she told me that all my designs suck: on youtube and my website and the rest of what ever place allows me to have custom something :(

So I'm going to change a lot.

My channels name is Alex Pota, the brand is Bizprog - my channel is about free software reviews and step by step solutions to productivity problems.

1. is it a good idea to change the channel name? (in that case I would change it to "free tools only" or "free software like a pro" or something)
2. what are the consequences of re-branding?


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Honestly, you're still relatively new on Youtube, so I think a re-brand is not such a big deal. I've even seen people with thousands of subscribers do a re-brand, and with success, too!

It's all a question of how you handle it. If you upload videos regularly, in the weeks before your re-brand, perhaps talk about it quickly in the intro and let people know. Some may even subscribe, knowing you may change your style to suit them. Those who already subbed will probably stay.

Yeah, you're at a point where you can change anything around with no consequence. I would only advise against it if you were at like 100k subs, because you would have your work cut out for you. I say, if you're not satisfied with the way your design and brand is right now, make the change. You literally have nothing to lose, and you won't for a while. Just my .02. :)

I'm thinking of redoing some stuff as well. From "XtremeConditioning" over to "XtremeConditions", and maybe with a subtitle after it. I made my current name because of stupid Call of Duty... :/

My channel is still really young, and I'm not worrying about it at all. I just want to do it before 500 subs, which shouldn't be a problem.